Monday, May 26, 2008

On sexiness in men

Ask any woman what is sexy in a man, and she will start thinking looks: hands, ass, shoulders, smile, eyes, face.

I am no exception to that rule.

I don't know where it comes from - because the truth is, that sexiness is not the product of a mans looks. And I don't know why we always start out our line of thought on the subject right there with the ass and the shoulders.

Maybe it's pure reflex. Maybe it isn't the men, that are simple, lust-controlled creatures - maybe it is really us women. Anyway, I am more inclined to believe, that what we do is just grab the easy definition of sexiness.

Imagine the man (or woman, if you like women) that you find the sexiest of all. Is he completely perfect? Does he have tight buns, polished paws, the right hair, a smile like Nicolas Cage (or Julia Roberts) or the elegance of Johnny Depp (or Penelope Curz)? No??

My beloved is - objectively - not completely perfect. Were he to audition for a model, he would probably be told that he is a bit on the stocky side, and that his legs could certainly be longer. He hasn't been madly into skincare or have had botox shots, so you can tell by his face that he's lived.
But I think he is very hot!!

deserted beach on paros

I actually know men, that objectivly are leaning towards ugly - who just have personalities that make them quite strongly attractive. Sexy, even. A friend I had years ago, actually assembled Goofy a bit, but once you'd spent 5 minutes with him, you didn't notice at all.

Same goes for women. Don't you know her - Yes, the one that you see at parties, allways where the action is, never lacking dance partners? She might not be very young, skinny or particularly beautiful, but she's got something else. Precense, to name one thing.

When I elect to wave off the hormone-daze, when posed the question of what is sexy in a man, the answer is actually quite clear. And it doesn't have a lot to do with looks. The five primary factors, that makes a man sexy to me is:
* He's got brains and is able to challenge me
* He's got a sense of humour and likes to use it
* He uses his wit and humour to have fun - not to hurt
* He gets involved and exited and carried away with ideas
* He masters listening as well as speakin

A non-modelish-male with the above qualities can make me short of breath and shiny-eyed.
On the other hand, he can look just like Brad Pitt - if his head is empty or he lacks humour, he is indifferent to me.

I admit - there are turn-offs (and turn-ons) in exterior things. A man can be funny, smart and engaging - if he is not well groomed, he'll never hit sexy on my scale.

It is actually quite lucky I feel that way. That the inside has impact on how you see the outside. I mean, how often do you see physically beautiful men with a pudgy, middle aged, slightly flat chested girl on their arm?

But isn't it strange, how we always leave more space for "nice ass" and "wide shoulders" more space in our vocabulary? When a well-shaped brain is as least as sexy...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The weekend that disappeared...

Oops ... this weekend is nearly gone.

The kids have been with their dad, and Bruno and I worked - primarily on the picture window room, and cleaning the house. We took the old kids carpet off the floor and cleaned the floor underneath.

We patched the holes in the wall and made it ready for painting. And Bruno painted the hall upstairs that had a ghastly 90-ish salmon colour.

Saturday we worked until 8 at night, and then we went to town to find some dinner. We ended up at Fredericia Brewhouse, where we had nachos with chicken and the house beer.

After that we went around town for a walk. Going past the English Pub we noticed that Tom Donovan was playing in there. We decided to go in there for a beer, and ended up staying for the concert. We were home at 00.30 - it was really a fun evening and completely unplanned.

Today we worked on, enjoyed the sun or a bit and watched a bit of Giro d'Italia - they are in the mountains now, so we like to watch it.

What a lovely weekend.

Kristian is home from his dad - Bodil stays there until wednesday. Its nice that she has a good time with him, that makes me happy.

Tomorrow the working week starts - and for once a WHOLE five day week :-)

Have a nice working week, everyone...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dream analyzer wanted

Yesterday morning I woke up and wondered.

Where the heck does it come from - all the weird stuff I dream at night?

The alarm clock tore me out of a dream, where I was camping with the girls I sing with in X-tetten. I was skating my way around the campingsite on rollerskates - going downhill. In my hand I had my lunch in a plastic bag, and I was wearing a plastic bathing cap on my head (?!?).

A normal happening in my life - NOT!

Anyone good at analyzing dreams around?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it possible to have too much garden furniture?

One of lifes great, existentialist questions.

When we moved in together about 7½ years ago, we had an old door that we put up as a garden table, and then we dragged our kitchen chairs out on the porch.
Da vi flyttede sammen for snart 7½ år siden, havde vi en gammel dør på nogle bukke,
og så slæbte vi køkkenstolene ud på terrassen.

Some time along the way we got ourselves a bit of garden furniture. The white wooden Skagen-set, with an extra large table, a bench that sits 3 people and 4 chairs - we wanted to be able to sit down with all of our kids at once.


Later we got a small, cheap hardwood set, with 2 chairs and a 2-seat bench.

And then we have the red chairs, and I brought a deck chair into our relationship - one that I got for my 30th birthday.


So we have a lot of garden furniture. Specially now that our garden size has been seriously reduced. But today I think we managed to find a place for every chair.

We tidied, swept and weeded the terrace at the bottom of the garden, and then we switched the furniture around, so the white bench, table and 2 chairs is now on our wooden porch.


It is a bit of a puzzle to get it all placed, so it doesn't look like an attic for storing garden furniture :-) but I think we were succesfull!

It's a bright sunshiny day


I wish this warm spring weather would never come to an end. Sadly it looks like we will soon have to get used to gray clouds, raincoats and closed windows and doors - at least for a while.

Today, though, it is lovely. A little windy, but nice and warm.

In spite of that Bruno and I cleaned the house today. You drag in a lot of dirt on warm days, and the bathrooms don't get less dirty just because the weather is good.

But now we can face the working week calmly - and with clean toilets :-)

We have been spontaneous-social this weekend - saturday we dropped by a colleague and his wife, that recently moved into town. We came by to see their house, and got a chat and a glass of white wine on their rooftop terrace - very nice.

Today another pair of my colleagues came by. They live a bit longer outside town than us, and I pointed out to them, that they drive right by our house when they go home from town. We showed them the place, and they hung around for a cold beer on the porch at the end of the garden, where there is sun during the mid-day hours.

Its a nice and relaxed and stressless way to see people that way.

This afternoon Bruno is going out biking with our buddy Carsten, who also stays for dinner. We're going to bbq a chicken breast - always good.

Later on Kristian is coming home from spending the weekend at his dads. Bodil stays out there until tomorrow, and takes the bus to school from where he lives. It is great that they can just do it the way they prefer.

Life is good!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazing what a layer of paint can do!

On our new house there is a lovely wooden porch.


We've allready enjoyed it a lot! It's got sun in the morning until about 10 am, and the sun comes back around in the afternoon, and bathes it in sunlight all evening.

A while ago we agreed to paint it some time - and we got a bucket of black paint, thinking black would look great with the white paned windows we plan to put in the house.


It was in dire need of paint. And the weather was great again today - so we lunged at the task this morning, and painted like madmen (and women).

It really looks good!


We love our "new" porch ... and soon we will give all of the garage a layer of paint, too.


When we were done, it was five minutes after lunchtime (our stomachs RUMBLED) - and we really deserved lovely lunch with cold Leffe beer in the sun...


Bikes in town

We have a large Harley Davidson event in town this weekend.

And they are literally everywhere, and have been since wednesday, where the first started to show up. There are funny types, shady types, peculiar types, criminal types - everywhere. AND their shiny well-kept rides are parked whereever you look.


Its been rather peaceful. We do hear a little music now and then, from the festival area. And the sound of Harley engines, very regularly.


So all in all it's a fine arrangement. And good for town, the shops and the restaurants alike.

We went for a stroll in town this morning - had a few errands and enjoyed lounging about in the sun, looking at bikes and people. On the city hall square we didn't see much of the bikers - I think everyone else went there.


We went to pick up contact fluid and bought plants for the garden. And my sweet, patient husband waited patiently in the sun while I was nosing through various stores.


It was lunchtime all of a sudden, and I remembered what delicious sandwiches they make at Caffe Katia - my favourite spot in town.


So we just had to stop by there, and I had a chicken sandwich that had me hearing angels sing - I think it must have been the delicious pesto in there. After lunch we had a great cup of espresso, and then we went home.


It was difficult to go, coz I'd just started reading Paolo Coelhos "Veronika decides to die" - I am going to have to borrow it at the library and finish it.

Even though we were rather full, we still got a few things done this afternoon. Bruno fixed this and that around the house and the garden, and I painted our red garden chairs - boy they needed a layer of paint!





wow ....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You know you are in Fredericia...

... when the traffic lights look like this:


...and like this when you can walk:


Haha ... funny! I don't know how long they've looked like this, but anyone knowing
Fredericia will know, that it's a tribute to out town-hero - the soldier - that looked like this in the passover sun:


What a grand idea! And I wonder how long I would have taken to notice it, if not for my bright daughter, who pointed them out to me last week.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Summer is here.

Seen in my garden:

One of the very summer-like sights to be seen in my garden this week :-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Garden life

We live a lot of our life in our garden at the moment.

Not that it's inbearably hot, but after a long dark winter it feels so wonderful to be outside in the sun, with no coat on, and even exposing white limbs some days.

And it is so pretty this time of year.


The pear tree has bloomed in white. Now the blossoms start to fall, leaving the garden white dotted.

We've been weeding and nipping and pouring earth on and sowing grass and nursing our garden, to make it a bit more like we want it.

And sometimes there has been time to take a cozy break in the sun with a can of pepsi and this gorgeous man...


The other day we fell for an offer on a wine vat, that we will be using to collect rain water at the end of our garage, where the water has just spashed all over the terrace. We put it up today, and my oh my there was a lovely scent of red wine wafting into our nostrils as we cut the hole for the rain water pipe.


I got quite an urge for red wine. But it IS only monday today.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back in my running shoes

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I slipped down the cellar stairs, bruising my tailbone badly.

It's been rather painful, and it is only this weekend I haven't been taking painkillers continuously.

Today I dared one eye and put on my running shoes and clothes, and set off on the route I'd started using before my fall.

Actually, I'd started from scratch. I've been having some leg problems, so my physical therapist recommended I use a beginners program (!!) - so I got a hold of one, and changed it a bit - seriously, 3 sets of 3 minutes is just not enough - so I added a 4th set. Seemed more like my kind of program, then.

And still so much gentler - my start-up-running-motto is normally: "You can always run five kilometres" - and even though that is actually true for me, it is not necessarily what my legs need.

Back to todays run.

A week ago it hurt nauseatingly if I forgot myself and ran a few steps - but as I started running down Fasanvej in the direction of the rampart, there was no nausea and very little pain - and that bit of pain faded fast as I ran.

So - YIPEEE - I'm back on track - you just watch me in another 10 weeks!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A mini-holiday

I am so lucky! I have today and tomorrow off, 4 days of vacation!

It's been a short but very busy working week! But it's okay, because now I am on vacation.

The weather has been nice today - it rained this morning, but before noon it stopped, and in the course of the afternoon the sun chased the clouds off the sky.

I have not been idle, but made sure, that I can relax completely for the rest of my days off: I cleaned the house from the top to the bottom, and did all of my washing and ironing.

The kids have been with their father at their grandmothers birthday today, so it's just been Bruno and me. Bruno did some stuff around the house, took a bikeride and mowed the lawn. Now the last load of laundry is drying outside, and the house smells nice and clean. A pot of indian curry is bubbling on the stove. Kristian is at a birthday at a classmates house.

In a bit I am going to open a bottle of red, we will enjoy it in our new Spiegelau-glasses.

Tomorrow Bodil and I are going out for a girly-shopping-spree - she is in need of clothes, and it's been a while since we had a girls day on the town - and it's so easy now! Saturday we are going to my nieces 18th birthday in the afternoon, and at night we are going to the concert, that Bruno gave me tickets to for my birthday - Led Zeppelin Jam at Det Bruunske Pakhus.

Sunday? So far no plans. And that is okay :-)