Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back in my running shoes

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I slipped down the cellar stairs, bruising my tailbone badly.

It's been rather painful, and it is only this weekend I haven't been taking painkillers continuously.

Today I dared one eye and put on my running shoes and clothes, and set off on the route I'd started using before my fall.

Actually, I'd started from scratch. I've been having some leg problems, so my physical therapist recommended I use a beginners program (!!) - so I got a hold of one, and changed it a bit - seriously, 3 sets of 3 minutes is just not enough - so I added a 4th set. Seemed more like my kind of program, then.

And still so much gentler - my start-up-running-motto is normally: "You can always run five kilometres" - and even though that is actually true for me, it is not necessarily what my legs need.

Back to todays run.

A week ago it hurt nauseatingly if I forgot myself and ran a few steps - but as I started running down Fasanvej in the direction of the rampart, there was no nausea and very little pain - and that bit of pain faded fast as I ran.

So - YIPEEE - I'm back on track - you just watch me in another 10 weeks!

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Jacob said...

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