Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lovely sunday

The past week has been rainy and stormy. We've gone outside only hesitantly, and even then with a grimace displaying our discomfort of this ugly, hostile weather.

Today the world seems transformed. The sun is shining and the air is mild. What a delicious change!


My sons chose to use the good weather for tossing around a ball in the garden. Kristian is not to fond of playing ball, only when his older brother asks - then he is all for it!


I grabbed my camera (I SO enjoy having the use of it again - good thing I went and bought that new charger for the battery) - thinking it may be a long time before my boys play soccer again - and it may be the last time on this lawn.


I will try to take many pictures of Andreas in the next few days. Because friday he gets on a train to Copenhagen, and I won't see him again until june 15th. It is strange, but I think he will have a marvellous time and I wish him the best. No clingy mother am I - and even though it is a strange thought that my son will probably never live permanently with me again, it is really what a parent strive for: that your child is able to go out and make a life of his own. To me, that is success.


After taking pictures of my lovely boys, I laced my NB's and went out for a run. It went marvellously! I have cut off more than 5 minutes of my usual 5 km run, since I started running again 1½ month ago.

Running today was a treat. With the air mild, and even the sound of birds in nearby gardens, and suddenly I noticed the first touches of green in gardens I ran by. Also, the feeling in my body was different. This is the first really pleasant run I have had in more than a year. I am finally to the point where I run effortlessly - I get winded and sweaty, but running just feels so good. I wanted to run further, and even after unlacing my shoes, I wanted to put them back on and run some more.


I might go again tomorrow! It just felt so sweet.

When I got home, the kids were ready to take off. They have now gone to visit their grandparents, and they won't come home until later tonight.


So far, it's been a lovely sunday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's almost like christmas...'s really exiting!!

We have seen 2 houses yesterday and one today, and another two awaits us.

The two yesterday weren't that interesting. The first one was just too small - we couln't use the basement rooms, as the basement was too damp, so we were one room short.

The next one was just too poor. It needed a scary amount of work, outside in. It had loads of potential, granted, but where we would stay while restoring it, I just don't know :-)

The one we saw this morning, though ... I am in love. A fine redstone, with a red tile roof. Lovely, light-filled rooms. A nice, old fashioned stairway curving upstairs. The perfect size garden (done in an hour - weeding and mowing all taken care of) and the right situation, right outside the "voldene". The basement was dry and the air smelled sweet.

It would need a few small adjustments, but nothing serious. The best thing was, I could see myself living in that house. I liked the way it felt. I could imagine myself sitting on the porch with my morning coffee, and feel the wooden floors under my naked morning feet.


Later today we have to see another house in that same neighbourhood. It looks promising, but it will have to be good to beat the one we saw this morning. Bruno is slightly bowled over too - it's nice that we agree on this, since we have never tried looking at houses together before.

Now I sit by my pc and check out the next houses, while I enjoy the scent of the yellow roses, that I just had to buy on my way home from town - we had to shop anyway. The weather i horrible - rainy and windy - and they stood beckoning in a bucket - sunny yellow and smelling like expensive perfume.

It will be an exiting day. House no. 4 and 5 await!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strange nights

Recently I have been dreaming an awful lot.

And surely I do NOT want a dream-interpreter to check me out! My dreams are quite simply strange.

One night i dreamt that I had decided to quit my job to start an education (don't know which one..). When everything was in place and I had already resigned, I overheard one colleague saying to another: She'll be back in 3 months - just wait and see.

But I did resign and started my new life, and it was going along fine - until I realized that I missed being part of the network, that Bankdata is. I missed my colleagues, my role, the environment - horribly! But I found it difficult to change back, because my colleagues had predicted I would do just that. Before I solved this dilemma, I woke up with sweaty hands and a fast-beating heart - happy that it was just a dream.

Am I overly dependant of my job ... or what?

Well, just an example. The other dreams were not much better.

Another night I dreamt that I'd decided to take a little shortcut with my car. I drove my mazda into Superbrugsen and down an escalator (and I NEVER saw a Superbrugsen with an escalator!), where I got stuck - first, the car was kinda big to fit into the escalator, and second, at the bottom there was a wall 1½ meter from where the escalator stopped.

A nice Superbrugsen employee with a red sweater helped me out of the car and offered me and my passangers cake and lemonade (a few days too old to sell) in the back room, while we waited for the escalator repairman, whom he had called.

What the heck was that all about? Would I EVER drive my mazda down ANY kind of stairs, anyway? No way! And where does the old cake fit into the picture?

Last night I was visiting costumers, and our manager, Ove, came along. That was very annoying - not because Ove is not a nice guy, but honestly: Who wants the manager looking over your shoulder?

So I took everyone in the meeting outside to play soccer instead, and then I woke up.

Hmmmmm..... soccer?

Actually, I am into mens handball at the moment :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things change fast

Around new years I'd nearly forgotten that our house was for sale. Moving and looking for a new house was nearly an abstract possibility.

Now we have to be out of our house on april 7th, and I am on the phone, frantically making appointments with real estate dealers to see houses...

Fast change ... but I like it!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Groovy stuff

I was on messenger with a friend who dropped me a link to Bill Withers Another day. After hearing that, I had to listen to this one as well.

Check out the drummer. He had me rolling on the floor!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday - The Beatles

Happy Birthday my sweet Bruno!

Whom other should sing you a birthday song (except Bodil, Kristian and me) - than THE BEATLES??

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Headlines I'd love to see

I would just love to see the following headlines in the newspaper:

Afghanistan: now a democracy - the last one to convert!

New knowledge: Redwine harmless and calorie neutral

Far in between doping sinners in biking sports

Skinny models out - fashion dictates curves

Hillary elected president

Obama elected president

USA cleans up: release of Guantanamo prisoners yesterday

I could go on. Which headline would you like to see?

About perspective

I've really been in touch with my shoulders in the last few years.

20 years workin with computers (counting school) has left its mark. I seem to have a working pattern of straining a muscle holding together my shoulders - called the rotator cuff.

Just a few years back, i didn't know there was something by that name. But in the past couple of years I have learned the precise location of it, and where it attatches to the bone. I can feel it frequently - and not in a good way.

A few months ago I started doing, what Bankdatas masseur has been telling me for years. I started weight training focusing on my shoulders - carefully, with low weight and lots of repetitions. In that way I should be able to work out a lot of the problems, I have been struggling with in my shoulder area.

But a month ago I woke up one morning with a pain in my neck. During the next couple of days it moved into the shoulder, and from there on to the outside of my upper arm, until it finally moved to the front of my shoulder, where it appeared as a burning pain. Some days most movements hurt. Other days it only hurt doing certain things - and fortunately, those days were the majority.

I did think, though, that a month was too long, som wednesday I went to the doctor. Not too early, because the last couple of days I was having a lot of pain, and had to take pain killers to be able to sleep.

My fingers have been tingeling and buzzing, which is yet another bad sign.

The doctor took a look at me. He can't say for certain what is wrong, but he believes it is located in the ligaments and muscles. I believe him, because I have never had any accident that could cause damage to the shoulder.

He is sending me on to get an x-ray of my shoulder - it can tell facts about the shoulders soft and harder parts.

In the meantime I have gotten a package of rheumatism pills called Diclofenac. They hurt my stomach som, but in the past days they bother me less and less. I think it's gotten used to them - fortunately, as I have to eat the pills for 10 days.

My experiences with rheumatism pills as a cure for strain induced inflammations are good. Some years ago I had a strained knee fixed by taking Voltaren - it worked like a charm.

Even though it's going the right way, I was feeling very sorry for myself wednesday. I thought the pain had gone on for too long. The tingeling, buzzing feeling in my hand scared and annoyed me, and I was worried about whether I could get better. I do make a living out of my writing (and thinking :-) - and if my arms can't do it, I am in a pinch. What can one do with a badly functioning right shoulder/arm?

When I was at my most self-pitying, I happened to think of a collague of mine. She's fought cancer for 5 years. When she was diagnosed, she was told, that she would have 10 years at the most.

She is open about it - and I see her as ressourceful, positive and happy. She's chosen to live, while she is living - and she CRAVES her 10 years. That will mark her twin girls 18th birthday, which is very important to her.

Okay. That put my troublesome shoulder in perspective. Because I really don't have much to whine about. Not a real problem - merely a challenge.

I got my butt out of the couch, went around the house to hug my family, and then I went to fold some clean clothes. Slowly and cautiously.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't trust somebody...

...just coz they are smiling!

It looks like my darling and me have been on a cozy little ride in the forest. And in the forest we have been - but cozy???? Nooooooo - you can't call it that!

It was Winter Cup in Brejning this sunday - and the perverts in Vejle Cycling Club had elected the area around Brejning and Munkebjerg to lay their posts in.

If you don't allready know - it is a hilly area. Very VERY hilly. At one point I was struggling uphill with max pulse, bloodtaste in my mouth and the urge to trow up - and I was walking the bike. But it was that steep!

I think a bit of hills are fun. But I like it to be flat as well. Get it??

We did okay, we thought, when we got in. We'd gotten 7 posts - but a couple of wrong answers and clipping the card wrong reduced our points dramatically.

Fortunately Leo and Anne-Marie from our club had a lousy day too. And Anne-Marie suffered as much as I did on the hills, it sounds like.

Damn it's lucky that it is Bruno, and not me, that is riding over the alps this august...

(Picture by: Helle)