Sunday, February 27, 2011

House plans ...

Come april it's been 3 years since we carried the last boxes out of our 70'es house in Snoghøj and moved in here at Fasanvej - in our charming red brick 2 story house from 1926, close to the center of town.

One of the things we fell in love with then was the pretty bay window in the room next to the living room - and we could imaging how nice it could be. This room was, in short, ugly - with the brown 70'es windows, the kiddie carpet, and the strange two-tone floor underneath, the terrible cigarbox ceiling and the unpainted walls - but we saw the a potentially lovely room.

A combination of an office and a living room. No TV, to nice chairs by the bay window, a small table for our cups of coffee or glasses of red wine, soft colors, the floors stripped, new windows...

We changed the windows 2 years ago, and the kiddie carpet is long gone. But the ceiling and the walls are still unpainted , and the room is, besides being my home office, a storage room, where unwanted things go :(

But it ends now!

Yesterday we sat down with our original list of projects, from when we moved in. It was a long list, and a lot of things were ticked off. But we needed to get the big perspective, and to get the jobs categorized, in small and big tasks, and the kind that we need to buy help to get done.

As we got our remaining projects in order, we decided that our first project we'd start on, would be the room with the bay window.

Today we started out a little bit. The first step was to organize and empty the room, and get rid of all that was in there, that we did not want to keep. And today I went through the bookshelves in there, so it is now ready to empty, take down, and reassemble in the basement, where it will keep all of our stuff while we renovate the room.

There is a long way to go. The room needs new ceilings, and we are going to raise them to the original height, because in the 70'es somebody lowered them. The walls need to be re-done, as they are covered with a kind of insulation that burns very easily, and we want to replace that with plaster walls.

Perhaps the wall separating the bay window room from the living room will need to be made higher - we think it's made after the ceiling has been lowered.

We also need an electrician to come and make more outlets - there is ONE in the entire room - and a carpenter to strip the floor.

We need to paint the room, and get new furniture.

A couple of comfortable chairs, a small table, and a sofa that converts into a guest bed, lamps, a new work station table - I can almost see how nice it is going to be!

All this energy - it must be the spring setting in :)