Thursday, May 31, 2007

Andreas' new hobby

Its amazing. He shines his boots for hours.

Maybe I should ask the sarge for some tricks, when we go over this weekend?


There is an open camp thing, where Bodil, Kristian, Kristina and I are going to come over and see his everyday life on saturday. Bruno is participating in the Melfar 24 hour challenge (24 hrs on roadbike), so he is not coming.

I just gotta get that sarge to give up the secret - how did he transform my son like this???


Bonus was all done up for an evening of roleplay, when she was overwhelmed with bonusdaughterly love for Bruno. That made en impression. :-D

There is even some blue from her eyes, over the lipstick mark...


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That explains it...

On this website I calculated my age to 21.8 years - Mars-years, that is!

Well, that explains a bit ... that age matches my mental state of mind much better... :o)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Beautiful noise?

I have wondered how I should share the sound side of my vocal ensemble with those of my readers, that might like just that.

The solution came to me through a blogger friend of mine who is a musician - she uploads her music to her myspace.

So she helped me make a myspace - and here you go - you can listen to x-tetten if you click here. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Me and the ex-prime minister and other celebs...

A while ago a journalist wrote me an email asking: Why do you blog?
He told me, he would use my comment in Jyske Banks costumer magazine, along with similar comments from other bloggers.

I replied, and forgot about it until yesterday, when I sat with the same magazine in my hands.
Then I remembered and curiously found the proper page... and there I was - along with Poul Nyrup, the former prime minister of Denmark, Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor of one of Denmarks largest papers, Jens Unmack, a well known musician and other people in that category....

Hey - - am I a celebrity or what??

Hang on - I gotta go make sure that the tabloids aren't going through my garbage...


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Great to come home to...

One day this week I came stressing home. I was a bit miffed, coz I met Kristian outside - on the luggage carrier of his own bike, no helmet, and a friend riding it.

Going inside I found the entree a complete mess.

I tore the kitchen door open, and was met by this sight:

P1020645 stress and anger vaporized like salt water on summer hot skin....

And I hurried up to tell Bodil how pleased I was by her flowers.

Passover pleasures

It was lovely to start this weekend knowing that it is a long weekend, and that we don't have a non-confirmation to prepare for.

We have nearly no plans for this passover weekend. Andreas came home from Høvelte yesterday looking rather fresh in spite of this weeks 3 day field-trip - a quite hard one, it sounds like. But he was happy, and pleased to have a taste of mothers home cooking - and then he went off to Børkop and his girlfriend.

Yesterday was also the day when we made our first trial setup of our summer residence - it was good to see that it made it through the winter (in brother-in-law Johns stables) flawlessly.


It was a pleasure to see it unfold again - and standing in the tent, closing my eyes, I could smell the sweet smell of summer vacation! It will be in use as Brunos base next weekend, when he is
participating in Melfar 24hr - he will have a place to change his clothes and leave his stuff, and maybe sleep some, if he needs to.


We will use it again on the 23rd, where we celebrate my older brothers 50th birthday on Djursland. We have rented out the other sleeping cabin to my sister and her husband. Carsten has a snoring-ban that night! :o)

We might actually go camping a bit in week 27. Our vacation has started, and Bodil is going on role-play camp. Kristian had the choise between going on camp with the club and being with us - and he chose us :-)

So if the weather behaves, we will camp in Denmark somewhere a few days. Kristian is very rarely the only child here, so it will be nice to have him by himself here.

Yes ... summer is just around the corner... I like it!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


One morning she woke up and it had rained.
The humidity still hung in the air like a memory
or a promise.

There was a strange silence in her house.
It pressed on her eardrums and added inertia to her moves.
Sounds muffled.

The sun fell over the floor, slanted and golden
reflecting onto her stomach
showing on her face as a smile.

Last nights shadows washed away for now.
The window ajar.

One morning she woke up and it had rained.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

After the party

We had a really good day this thursday!

Bruno and I drove over with all the soda, beer, wine etc at 8. While we were setting up the tables, our caterer showed up, and started cooking the food. She had her daughter with her, to help make the food and keep the buffet filled up.

Soon the scent of frying bacon filled our noses. Gerda doesn't cook beforehand and stores frozen or cooled down - no, she makes the food the same day, if possible.

When we were setting the table, Bodils father showed up and helped out with the rest.
At 10.30 we were done, and could drive home to shower and get all dressed up.

When I got home, the star of the day was still lounging in bed - I chased her out of it and into the shower! We all made it and were ready in time - and Bodil was this beautiful:


There were plenty of songs, speaches and happy guests - the mood was fine. Bodil got lots of presents and money. She also made a thank-you song, but had forgotten to get copies made - so she sung it off the stage with her friend Isa... that was neat!

This is Bodil with her proud parents and the song-holder, Bruno and I managed to manifacture - it is supposed to be a theatre, if you should be in doubt!


All in all a nice day - I think Bodil agrees! We were tired friday, but happy that all went well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First blue tuesday and then no confirmation...

In this house we do things a bit backwards.

Normally you celebrate your confirmation, and then you go on blue monday. But not Bodil ;-)
Yesterday she went on blue tuesday (and I thought it legally had to be on a monday), and tomorrow she is going to celebrate her non-confirmation.

Understand it or not. But she did look cool when she left yesterday, dressed from head to toe in clothes of the brand Emily the Strange - bought in a cool, street-ish shop in Flensburg (where the shop guy was my age, had a nice pony tail and a wicked cute glimpse in his eyes)...


When she got home from Copenhagen with her classmates, she was tired. And hungry. She'd upped her lunch on the way home in the train --- that is how it goes, my lass, when you have to try out all the rides in Tivoli and eat to much junk food to top it off!

Anyway, we picked up a Whopper Cheese for her on the way home - yuck! Brunos car STILL smells like burger today, and it only takes 5 minutes to drive from Burger King and home...


She was tired, but I think she will be ready to party tomorrow. I know we are.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A bigger hard disk

I want a bigger hard disk. Not for my PC, but for myself.

Half an hour ago I turned over in bed, and then I realized: I promised Iben, Bodils drama instructor, to send her pictures from sundays play. LATEST last night ...

Do I have to say that they were still in the camera?

So here I am at my pc...

Andreas got to Høvelte okay yesterday, even though he had some problems at Lyngby - the train couldn't drive in there. He took a cab with some other stuck passengers and got there in time.

I hope he feels better today, poor boy.

And I wonder if I make it back in bed??

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

From uptight to upbeat in 2 secs...

I am really getting on my new job now.

That is ... both the wine club thing and the more serious stuff. A practicality on the first subject is that the guy that used to have my job on the wine club board now sits a mere 10 meters away from me - that is very practical, when we are doing chores together.

I am trying to read up on my new area. Today I had my nose deep into som user design, when my phone rang. It was one of my regular users from the old job - and for a moment I got a bit annoyed, because we had an agreement that only in the extreme crisis should a user be asked call me directly.

My annoyment quickly vaporized, though - as I realized she only called to tell me good luck with my new job and let me know how much she would miss having me as her lifeline.

I am so happy she called - she is not one to compliment easily, som good words from her are of some value. She is a sharp, competent lady, and I am certainly going to miss ping-ponging with her.

I hope we bump into each other workwise at some point again.

Cigarettes, whisky and nude girls...

... that is the title of an old song. I don't particularly like cigarettes, and even if I don't mind nude girls, I'm not really that into them. I do like whisky a lot, though - a good single malt whisky is the thing for a true hedonist like myself.

Even more I like wine. Redwine, for sure - but also dessert wines, whitewine and bubblies of all sorts.

For many years I have been a member of Bankdatas wine club. There I have tasted a large number of different, exciting wines. I also collected some knowledge on wine, and I have gotten my tastebuds tuned up a bit.

It has had the effect, that the wine I buy is more expensive. Because I know the difference these days. And I drink small enough amounts, that I really want what I drink to be good.

The last time the wine club were electing to the board, they came and asked me if I was interested to be on it. I gladly said yes. Well, actually I would have been quite horrible to have said no - because I have on former occations accused them of sexism, when it came to picking people to ask if they want on the board.

I do know, that everybody can just run for the seats on the board. But it is usually like that - that the existing board asks the ones, that they would like on the board, to join. And when the existing board are all men, well - obviously they think of - other men.

Strangely - this time they thought of me ;-)
As we constituted the board, I said that I would like the responsibility for purchasing wine and contact with the wine dealers. Our recent purchaser has taken over the cashiers seat, so he was leaving the position.
I got to be what I wanted, and even if there is going to be quite some work in it, it will be very interesting.

Overall, it is fun. We have a small deliverer of wine, Liber Vin, who uses us very actively. When she gets test bottle from new houses, she gathers them and brings them to us.

Then we taste wine - she listens to what we have to say, and then she uses our observations to figure out what to buy and what not. It is very exciting - because we get assorted wines, not just stuff that she has allready tried and decided to take in.

I also get lots of newsletters etc. from different wine dealers - and we allready have a number of test bottles put away at Bankdata, that we have to try. It is really fun! I got myself a notebook, in which I will take notes on every wine I taste. I think it is going to be a good encyclopedia later on for me - also due to the fact, that I am not that great at remembering names of wines.

Part of what I have to do, is to make a monthly list of offers to the members of the club. When everybody has placed their order, I order the wines at the grocers, and I also have to get the wine sorted out to each member when it arrives at Bankdata.

The pay is deducted from our pay - nice and easy.

I look forward to having the contact to the wine dealers. I am going to be ordering test bottles of wines, that look exciting. For christmas there is shopping chocolate and marcipan at Summerbird, and delicious ports and new years bubbles has to be found.

Not to mention that we will be planning our christmas wine tasting - probably the best arrangement of the year!

Monday, May 7, 2007

On the brink

This morning there was a raindrenched freshness in the air, and as I biked past a row of lilacs the world was perfumed.

Right now I mostly smell dust. I have thrown away 117 old folders and notes, laughed at old company leaflets and manuscripts from scetches performed at company parties, that came out of my drawers, and I have bid my colleagues goodbye with fresh baked bread.

Now I only have left to unhook my pc, and soon our janitor will come and move all of my things.

Goodbye, well-liked and well-know colleagues, goodbye systems I know so well.

Hello, new and less-known colleagues, hello new tasks and systems I only know briefly.

I am ready.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A trip to the salon

You see an awful lot walking back and forth to the salon.

The hairdresser I use have her salon right out here in Snoghøj - about a mile from where I live.
This wednesday I took one look at the weather and decided to walk.

The trip took me past Trinity, by Gl. Færgevej. It is so beautiful there! I nearly stopped and marvelled as the scent of a blooming tree hit my nostrils. The sight wasn't half bad either.


I frequently consider myself lucky to be living in an area with so many gorgeous spots. On a sunny day like this wednesday, the view of Lillebælt across hills and trees is breathtaking.


On my way back I saw more quaint things. Close to where I live, there is a badly maintained house. An elderly gentleman, Hans, lives there. He's a few cards short of a deck - the story I have heard is, that he once had an accident at work that caused brain damage. Hans likes his beer, and can frequently be seen on Erritsø Square, talking to everybody that is willing to listen - and to even more people, that are not. A thoroughly peaceful and harmless guy even if he can be a bit difficult to get rid of, if you stop and chat with him.

I don't think he resides permanently in the house out here. It looks empty a lot of the time, but sometimes he will be stationed outside on the sidewalk. He wasn't there this wednesday, but I did see something scary going by - is he actually a wicked man, keeping prisoners in his house?


...up close you can see the teddy better. Doesn't it look as if it is calling for help??


No - never mind that - Hans is anything but dangerous. Probably mostly dangerous to himself.

A couple of years ago I didn't meet Hans for a long, long time. I heard he was in the hospital - that he had been beaten.

Later on I met him in the grocery store - skinnier than usual. He told me that som young men had beat him up and nearly killed him.
"They didn't think I had the right to live," he said. "They said I was worthless." And then he looked really sad.

I told Hans, that I personally thought he was a lot more worth than the animals that beat him up.

I think he appreciated it. Actually I never got back to work that day, due to him wanting to talk and talk.

It is one thing that people - including myself - won't always stop andlisten to Hans. Sometimes he is just jabbering, shouting stuff that doesn't make sense.

It is a completely different matter to believe it is okay to use him as a punching bag.

I think that is sad. I hope those men got punished.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Busy as a bee

Suddenly I am awfully busy at work!

I am tying off the ends at my old job, and giving things over to other people. A lot of the people, that usually call for my help, are ringing me down to have their piece of me, as they have heard I am gone next week.
At the same time, meetings related to my new job is appearing in my calendar. And I just can't say no, it is so alluring to get the chance to get aquainted with my new work area.

Today I was at a meeting in one of the projects I will be working in. I got a whiff of what it was all about, and boy, I am exited! I just can't wait to get started! Even my new co-workers warning to enjoy this spring and this summer - coz fall is going to be swamped with work - did not scare me off! Bring it on, I am so ready!

Tomorrow is another meeting, and tying off the final ends, and I also need to find time to toss my stuff in moving boxes for monday.

Actually I found myself a bit annoyed that this is a long weekend (friday is a holiday), as I can't wait to get started!

The weekend is going to be a busy one too. Tomorrow night Andreas is due back home - I look forward to that! Friday Kristina and him are going to a confirmation in her family, and Bruno, Kristian, Bodil and I are going to my brothers (birthday boy) for his sons confirmation.

Saturday Bruno and I are going to Vejle to shop for clothes for Bruno, and Kristian (and perhaps Bodil) are going to their grannys birthday with their father. Bodil isn't quite sure yet - she's got ½ an appointment with a boyfriend in Brejning, we will see...

Sunday is another confirmation - this time my sister Connys daughter Stine. All of us - Bruno, myself, Andreas, Kristina, Bodil and Kristian - are going to Egense by the blue Limfjorden to celebrate her. Some weekend...

But I am ready! Even got my curls cut to look good for all the parties....


My big brother Kim is celebrating his birthday today!

It's his 50th - you wouldn't believe it, coz he's still such a handsome guy.

Looking at the weather, he must've been good this year - and we look forwards to the party!