Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventure on a saturday

Sometimes Bruno and I go off on an adventure.

Well, not a big, epic one - just small ones, where you see what is great about the small stuff. And we had one of those yesterday.

We know a guy who likes to go hiking with his wife, and when they talk about it, it sure sounds like a nice thing to do! So we talked about trying it. But you gotta start out small - and certainly when you have a slipped disc that likes to act up, which my dear husband has.

Yesterday we planned a slightly longer walk on Addit Næs - not very far from Silkeborg, where I work. Bruno biked up in that area not too long ago and liked it, and he also had a nice map of the area, that we could use to avoid getting lost.

So, yesterday morning we stuffed a backpack with raincoats, coffee and other essential stuff, and got in the car. Near our starting point we went into a bakery for a couple of raspberry cakes (yummy!) and soon we were driving down very narrow forest roads.

Fortunately Bruno knew where we were going, and soon we parked the car, and off we were, walking out into the forest.

We walked about 10 km in Addit Næs (I'd forgotten to charge my Garmin Forerunner, so it ran out of juice after 7 km), and we only met a few people on our way - the forest maintenance guy and a runner. Very different from the areas we usually walk in around our home, where you almost need traffic rules to handle all the people walking dogs, running or riding their bikes.

About halfways we found a nice place to sit down with our coffee and cake, while we looked at a small stream with lots of little bugs and snails - you know, the little skater bugs that run on the surface of the water? There were also a mosquito, that really wanted to get in close contact with Bruno, but he was not very interested!

Back at the car we drove a few miles up to Klostermølle, not far from Gl. Ry. Here we took another walk for about 3 km, to a peak called Sukkertoppen, where there is an amazing view of the area.

It was a great nature experience, walking in that area. The wooded area is rather big, and Bruno claims that he could plan 10 trips like the one we took, without walking the same paths. It was beautiful, varied and nicely un-crowded. You feel a bit closer to nature, when you don't meet dog-walkers and runners every time you turn a corner.

There was plenty of other stuff to look at ... great, wide-spanning views, with trees in all shades of green. Tiny streams making waterfalls, and loads of pretty lakes hiding between the trees. Places where the forest would suddenly open up, and make room for a stretch of moor.

And you talk so well, when you walk. We touched on all kinds of subjects, and fantasized about all the places we'd love to hike in. We planned a weekend trip canoeing on Gudenåen, and a hike from shelter to shelter in Sweden - and loads of other things.

It is so much value for money, a walk like that. A couple of bucks for cakes, and the gas to get there - and we brought coffee, water, and a couple of cans of coke, carefully wrapped in wet newspapers by Bruno, so that he could surprise me with a cold cola at the right time :)

That bought us a wonderful nature experience, exercise (several hours of walking must count for something) and quality time spent with each others.

We finished off the day by driving to Silkeborg and eating at a greek restaurant. As I go there every day, I spotted a place named Zorba (is there a law that all greek restaurants MUST be named "Hellas" or "Zorba"??). I like greek food, so we went there for late lunch / early dinner. We had 8 mezes (like tapas, only greek) with nice Mythos beer, and coffee with chocolate cake & vanilla ice cream. It was good food, and I'd gladly go eat there some other time.

All in all, we had a lovely day. Well spent, and we were good & tired by the time we were back home.

We plan to go on more trips like this - it is good for the body and the soul :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Melodies for the road

Before I got the flu, it was my birthday. And one of my presents, from Bruno, was an album by danish artist Agnes Obel.

This is her debute as an artist, and it is not like anything else you hear, really. Her soft voice is accompagnied by a classical sounding piano score, or by something as whimsical as a harp. It works beautifully, and even more so because of the quaint harmonies and the way she handles rhythm.

The music makes me think of cool mists over dusky moors, and I keep finding more little details to catch my ear.

These past days this album has provided the soundtrack for morning sun over Vejle Fjord, and has carried me through the moors of mid Jutland going home.

I am sure my driving is a little calmer and safer while I listen.

Monday, May 2, 2011

If I believed in Nemesis...

... I would curse myself for declaring me almost well again this saturday.

Because I wasn't really that hot sunday. And the cough was back, with its older brother.

So today I went to let my physician listen to my cough. He pulled out the stethoscope, listened some more and swiftly wrote out a prescription for antibiotics that should make the rattling sound make like a tree and leave.

With the penicillin in hand, I now believe I will soon get better!
Or else!!