Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Melodies for the road

Before I got the flu, it was my birthday. And one of my presents, from Bruno, was an album by danish artist Agnes Obel.

This is her debute as an artist, and it is not like anything else you hear, really. Her soft voice is accompagnied by a classical sounding piano score, or by something as whimsical as a harp. It works beautifully, and even more so because of the quaint harmonies and the way she handles rhythm.

The music makes me think of cool mists over dusky moors, and I keep finding more little details to catch my ear.

These past days this album has provided the soundtrack for morning sun over Vejle Fjord, and has carried me through the moors of mid Jutland going home.

I am sure my driving is a little calmer and safer while I listen.

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