Tuesday, May 8, 2007

From uptight to upbeat in 2 secs...

I am really getting on my new job now.

That is ... both the wine club thing and the more serious stuff. A practicality on the first subject is that the guy that used to have my job on the wine club board now sits a mere 10 meters away from me - that is very practical, when we are doing chores together.

I am trying to read up on my new area. Today I had my nose deep into som user design, when my phone rang. It was one of my regular users from the old job - and for a moment I got a bit annoyed, because we had an agreement that only in the extreme crisis should a user be asked call me directly.

My annoyment quickly vaporized, though - as I realized she only called to tell me good luck with my new job and let me know how much she would miss having me as her lifeline.

I am so happy she called - she is not one to compliment easily, som good words from her are of some value. She is a sharp, competent lady, and I am certainly going to miss ping-ponging with her.

I hope we bump into each other workwise at some point again.

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