Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cigarettes, whisky and nude girls...

... that is the title of an old song. I don't particularly like cigarettes, and even if I don't mind nude girls, I'm not really that into them. I do like whisky a lot, though - a good single malt whisky is the thing for a true hedonist like myself.

Even more I like wine. Redwine, for sure - but also dessert wines, whitewine and bubblies of all sorts.

For many years I have been a member of Bankdatas wine club. There I have tasted a large number of different, exciting wines. I also collected some knowledge on wine, and I have gotten my tastebuds tuned up a bit.

It has had the effect, that the wine I buy is more expensive. Because I know the difference these days. And I drink small enough amounts, that I really want what I drink to be good.

The last time the wine club were electing to the board, they came and asked me if I was interested to be on it. I gladly said yes. Well, actually I would have been quite horrible to have said no - because I have on former occations accused them of sexism, when it came to picking people to ask if they want on the board.

I do know, that everybody can just run for the seats on the board. But it is usually like that - that the existing board asks the ones, that they would like on the board, to join. And when the existing board are all men, well - obviously they think of - other men.

Strangely - this time they thought of me ;-)
As we constituted the board, I said that I would like the responsibility for purchasing wine and contact with the wine dealers. Our recent purchaser has taken over the cashiers seat, so he was leaving the position.
I got to be what I wanted, and even if there is going to be quite some work in it, it will be very interesting.

Overall, it is fun. We have a small deliverer of wine, Liber Vin, who uses us very actively. When she gets test bottle from new houses, she gathers them and brings them to us.

Then we taste wine - she listens to what we have to say, and then she uses our observations to figure out what to buy and what not. It is very exciting - because we get assorted wines, not just stuff that she has allready tried and decided to take in.

I also get lots of newsletters etc. from different wine dealers - and we allready have a number of test bottles put away at Bankdata, that we have to try. It is really fun! I got myself a notebook, in which I will take notes on every wine I taste. I think it is going to be a good encyclopedia later on for me - also due to the fact, that I am not that great at remembering names of wines.

Part of what I have to do, is to make a monthly list of offers to the members of the club. When everybody has placed their order, I order the wines at the grocers, and I also have to get the wine sorted out to each member when it arrives at Bankdata.

The pay is deducted from our pay - nice and easy.

I look forward to having the contact to the wine dealers. I am going to be ordering test bottles of wines, that look exciting. For christmas there is shopping chocolate and marcipan at Summerbird, and delicious ports and new years bubbles has to be found.

Not to mention that we will be planning our christmas wine tasting - probably the best arrangement of the year!

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Roberta said...

Now you did make me want to be there!

I have some really nice memories of the wine tasting events we shared!

I really wish either of us had tons of money so we could visit!

Should we start to play the lotto?

mil beijinhos