Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Busy as a bee

Suddenly I am awfully busy at work!

I am tying off the ends at my old job, and giving things over to other people. A lot of the people, that usually call for my help, are ringing me down to have their piece of me, as they have heard I am gone next week.
At the same time, meetings related to my new job is appearing in my calendar. And I just can't say no, it is so alluring to get the chance to get aquainted with my new work area.

Today I was at a meeting in one of the projects I will be working in. I got a whiff of what it was all about, and boy, I am exited! I just can't wait to get started! Even my new co-workers warning to enjoy this spring and this summer - coz fall is going to be swamped with work - did not scare me off! Bring it on, I am so ready!

Tomorrow is another meeting, and tying off the final ends, and I also need to find time to toss my stuff in moving boxes for monday.

Actually I found myself a bit annoyed that this is a long weekend (friday is a holiday), as I can't wait to get started!

The weekend is going to be a busy one too. Tomorrow night Andreas is due back home - I look forward to that! Friday Kristina and him are going to a confirmation in her family, and Bruno, Kristian, Bodil and I are going to my brothers (birthday boy) for his sons confirmation.

Saturday Bruno and I are going to Vejle to shop for clothes for Bruno, and Kristian (and perhaps Bodil) are going to their grannys birthday with their father. Bodil isn't quite sure yet - she's got ½ an appointment with a boyfriend in Brejning, we will see...

Sunday is another confirmation - this time my sister Connys daughter Stine. All of us - Bruno, myself, Andreas, Kristina, Bodil and Kristian - are going to Egense by the blue Limfjorden to celebrate her. Some weekend...

But I am ready! Even got my curls cut to look good for all the parties....


Roberta said...

what curls???

You sound very good, I am glad the new job has this amazing effect! Congrats!

mil beijinhos

Lizelotte said...

Okay okay --- curls pic coming up ... they are mostly in the back :-)