Saturday, May 5, 2007

A trip to the salon

You see an awful lot walking back and forth to the salon.

The hairdresser I use have her salon right out here in Snoghøj - about a mile from where I live.
This wednesday I took one look at the weather and decided to walk.

The trip took me past Trinity, by Gl. Færgevej. It is so beautiful there! I nearly stopped and marvelled as the scent of a blooming tree hit my nostrils. The sight wasn't half bad either.


I frequently consider myself lucky to be living in an area with so many gorgeous spots. On a sunny day like this wednesday, the view of Lillebælt across hills and trees is breathtaking.


On my way back I saw more quaint things. Close to where I live, there is a badly maintained house. An elderly gentleman, Hans, lives there. He's a few cards short of a deck - the story I have heard is, that he once had an accident at work that caused brain damage. Hans likes his beer, and can frequently be seen on Erritsø Square, talking to everybody that is willing to listen - and to even more people, that are not. A thoroughly peaceful and harmless guy even if he can be a bit difficult to get rid of, if you stop and chat with him.

I don't think he resides permanently in the house out here. It looks empty a lot of the time, but sometimes he will be stationed outside on the sidewalk. He wasn't there this wednesday, but I did see something scary going by - is he actually a wicked man, keeping prisoners in his house?


...up close you can see the teddy better. Doesn't it look as if it is calling for help??


No - never mind that - Hans is anything but dangerous. Probably mostly dangerous to himself.

A couple of years ago I didn't meet Hans for a long, long time. I heard he was in the hospital - that he had been beaten.

Later on I met him in the grocery store - skinnier than usual. He told me that som young men had beat him up and nearly killed him.
"They didn't think I had the right to live," he said. "They said I was worthless." And then he looked really sad.

I told Hans, that I personally thought he was a lot more worth than the animals that beat him up.

I think he appreciated it. Actually I never got back to work that day, due to him wanting to talk and talk.

It is one thing that people - including myself - won't always stop andlisten to Hans. Sometimes he is just jabbering, shouting stuff that doesn't make sense.

It is a completely different matter to believe it is okay to use him as a punching bag.

I think that is sad. I hope those men got punished.

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