Sunday, May 20, 2007

After the party

We had a really good day this thursday!

Bruno and I drove over with all the soda, beer, wine etc at 8. While we were setting up the tables, our caterer showed up, and started cooking the food. She had her daughter with her, to help make the food and keep the buffet filled up.

Soon the scent of frying bacon filled our noses. Gerda doesn't cook beforehand and stores frozen or cooled down - no, she makes the food the same day, if possible.

When we were setting the table, Bodils father showed up and helped out with the rest.
At 10.30 we were done, and could drive home to shower and get all dressed up.

When I got home, the star of the day was still lounging in bed - I chased her out of it and into the shower! We all made it and were ready in time - and Bodil was this beautiful:


There were plenty of songs, speaches and happy guests - the mood was fine. Bodil got lots of presents and money. She also made a thank-you song, but had forgotten to get copies made - so she sung it off the stage with her friend Isa... that was neat!

This is Bodil with her proud parents and the song-holder, Bruno and I managed to manifacture - it is supposed to be a theatre, if you should be in doubt!


All in all a nice day - I think Bodil agrees! We were tired friday, but happy that all went well.

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