Monday, May 28, 2007

Beautiful noise?

I have wondered how I should share the sound side of my vocal ensemble with those of my readers, that might like just that.

The solution came to me through a blogger friend of mine who is a musician - she uploads her music to her myspace.

So she helped me make a myspace - and here you go - you can listen to x-tetten if you click here. Enjoy!


Roberta said...

Thanks a bunch!
Now I can enjoy you singing on top of being able to talk with you!

Many kisses and a zillion congrats for such a beautiful voice!

Your sister and fan!

Lizelotte said...

Hello dearest, glad you enjoy our voices ... there are 7 of us, but perhaps you can pick me out on Body and Soul where I sing the melody along with Maibrit. I do have a solo on Mood Indigo as well :-)

I will switch the songs every now and then ... just for fun :-)