Saturday, May 26, 2007

Passover pleasures

It was lovely to start this weekend knowing that it is a long weekend, and that we don't have a non-confirmation to prepare for.

We have nearly no plans for this passover weekend. Andreas came home from Høvelte yesterday looking rather fresh in spite of this weeks 3 day field-trip - a quite hard one, it sounds like. But he was happy, and pleased to have a taste of mothers home cooking - and then he went off to Børkop and his girlfriend.

Yesterday was also the day when we made our first trial setup of our summer residence - it was good to see that it made it through the winter (in brother-in-law Johns stables) flawlessly.


It was a pleasure to see it unfold again - and standing in the tent, closing my eyes, I could smell the sweet smell of summer vacation! It will be in use as Brunos base next weekend, when he is
participating in Melfar 24hr - he will have a place to change his clothes and leave his stuff, and maybe sleep some, if he needs to.


We will use it again on the 23rd, where we celebrate my older brothers 50th birthday on Djursland. We have rented out the other sleeping cabin to my sister and her husband. Carsten has a snoring-ban that night! :o)

We might actually go camping a bit in week 27. Our vacation has started, and Bodil is going on role-play camp. Kristian had the choise between going on camp with the club and being with us - and he chose us :-)

So if the weather behaves, we will camp in Denmark somewhere a few days. Kristian is very rarely the only child here, so it will be nice to have him by himself here.

Yes ... summer is just around the corner... I like it!



Roberta said...

I wish I come along! Sounds wonderful and I do miss Denmark!

I was happy to see you for a few minutes today!

Wishing you a GREAT weekend!

your bubbly sister!

Lizelotte said...

You too - hope you get a chance to get some time off when its hot - and I hope Jack gets better soon...

muitos beijos