Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's almost like christmas...'s really exiting!!

We have seen 2 houses yesterday and one today, and another two awaits us.

The two yesterday weren't that interesting. The first one was just too small - we couln't use the basement rooms, as the basement was too damp, so we were one room short.

The next one was just too poor. It needed a scary amount of work, outside in. It had loads of potential, granted, but where we would stay while restoring it, I just don't know :-)

The one we saw this morning, though ... I am in love. A fine redstone, with a red tile roof. Lovely, light-filled rooms. A nice, old fashioned stairway curving upstairs. The perfect size garden (done in an hour - weeding and mowing all taken care of) and the right situation, right outside the "voldene". The basement was dry and the air smelled sweet.

It would need a few small adjustments, but nothing serious. The best thing was, I could see myself living in that house. I liked the way it felt. I could imagine myself sitting on the porch with my morning coffee, and feel the wooden floors under my naked morning feet.


Later today we have to see another house in that same neighbourhood. It looks promising, but it will have to be good to beat the one we saw this morning. Bruno is slightly bowled over too - it's nice that we agree on this, since we have never tried looking at houses together before.

Now I sit by my pc and check out the next houses, while I enjoy the scent of the yellow roses, that I just had to buy on my way home from town - we had to shop anyway. The weather i horrible - rainy and windy - and they stood beckoning in a bucket - sunny yellow and smelling like expensive perfume.

It will be an exiting day. House no. 4 and 5 await!

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