Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lovely sunday

The past week has been rainy and stormy. We've gone outside only hesitantly, and even then with a grimace displaying our discomfort of this ugly, hostile weather.

Today the world seems transformed. The sun is shining and the air is mild. What a delicious change!


My sons chose to use the good weather for tossing around a ball in the garden. Kristian is not to fond of playing ball, only when his older brother asks - then he is all for it!


I grabbed my camera (I SO enjoy having the use of it again - good thing I went and bought that new charger for the battery) - thinking it may be a long time before my boys play soccer again - and it may be the last time on this lawn.


I will try to take many pictures of Andreas in the next few days. Because friday he gets on a train to Copenhagen, and I won't see him again until june 15th. It is strange, but I think he will have a marvellous time and I wish him the best. No clingy mother am I - and even though it is a strange thought that my son will probably never live permanently with me again, it is really what a parent strive for: that your child is able to go out and make a life of his own. To me, that is success.


After taking pictures of my lovely boys, I laced my NB's and went out for a run. It went marvellously! I have cut off more than 5 minutes of my usual 5 km run, since I started running again 1½ month ago.

Running today was a treat. With the air mild, and even the sound of birds in nearby gardens, and suddenly I noticed the first touches of green in gardens I ran by. Also, the feeling in my body was different. This is the first really pleasant run I have had in more than a year. I am finally to the point where I run effortlessly - I get winded and sweaty, but running just feels so good. I wanted to run further, and even after unlacing my shoes, I wanted to put them back on and run some more.


I might go again tomorrow! It just felt so sweet.

When I got home, the kids were ready to take off. They have now gone to visit their grandparents, and they won't come home until later tonight.


So far, it's been a lovely sunday.

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Bobbi Boe said...

Love the new pictures!

Yes, it was funny with the cooties, took Mike awhile to make me understand, I have heard the word in movies but never fully grab the meaning.

I am just getting ready to hit the gym again, went every single day last week, including Saturday and Sunday!

How was the house you saw last? Still in love with the other one?