Saturday, February 2, 2008

Andreas on his way

So yesterday we said bye-bye to Andreas.

The last couple of days have been busy for him. He's had plenty of things to settle, shots at the doctor and a room to pack into boxes.


These boxes contain most of Andreas' belongings...

There was a backpack to pack, too. Kristina and Andreas travel with the backpacks that Bruno and I got, when we went on our backpack trip to Greece in 2005. One of our packs went with Christina to China, so they do get around more than their owners :-)Bruno helped him adjust the straps to a perfect fit.


My mother came down thursday. We had a going away dinner for Andreas, the menu of course being Flæskesteg (danish traditional roast pork) with gravy and boiled potatoes and red cabbage. Michael, a friend from childhood, came by to say goodbye - the rest of his friends he spent time with earlier this week. And then suddenly it was friday - the last day he would spend home in 4½ month. Time ticked away to hours and minutes, and at once he was saying goodbye to his room and walking down the stairs for the very last time... backing out of the driveway he waved goodbye to the house - that he will not be seeing again.

At the train station we waved goodbye along with Kristinas father, little brother and mother who were also there to bid the kids fare well.

The train was packed - a good thing it was, that they had reserved seats. They spent the night at Kristinas family's near the airport, and I got the final call from Andreas when they were waiting at the gate. Now they are on the plane to Atlanta, Georgia, and from there they will fly to San Jose.

The first week they will spend at a place called "Mikes Lodge" - in the jungle. So we won't hear signs of life until next saturday, when they arrive at Coco.

And my kid wont be home before june 15.

It's very strange that he wont be here with his bright smile, loud outbursts, his messes and his warm presence. He's been a fixed part of my life for nearly 21 years and I will miss him much.

But I hope he has a fantastic and adventurous trip, and a lovely memorable time with his sweet girlfriend.



Bobbi Boe said...

Oh next time you talk with him please say I sent a special kiss and the best of luck on his adventures!

He is such a handsome young man and I am sure just as adorable as when I first met him!

Lizelotte said...

I sure will tell him.

Yes - he is handsome AND adorable! And I allready miss him...