Monday, February 4, 2008

Spare part wanted

Lately my shoulder has been causing me problems.

Pain. Tingling fingers. That has been part of my everyday life.

Yesterday it kept me from participating in Winter Cup - annoying, since the weather was so fine. But I couldn't face clinging to the handlebars of my mtb for 1½ hour.

Thursday I'm having my shoulder x-rayed. They will check if there is arthritis or something like that in there. I don't believe they will find anything on the x-rays, but it's worth a try.

Last week I had 4 days of hotline work, and that was bad for me. My regular job is a lot more flexible, so it doen't strain my shoulder as much. Hotline, however, keeps me bound to the keyboard. My shoulder does not like that at all.

I wish I could just get a new shoulder like you get spare parts to your car - but it's unfortunately not as easy as that...

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Bobbi Boe said...

Is your shoulder any better?

I sure hope it is, I have been achy lately but today I will make to the gym since the weather did improve, it is chilly and windy but the sun is shinning again.

Happy V day, love the heart shaped idea for the sandwishes!