Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be my valentine... how it says on tons of shiny cards dragged around today by primarily the american mailmen.

To me, Valentines Day was new, strange and very foreign, when I first learned about that custom as a very young woman in the US.

I'll probably never go whole hog - just like I won't cry my eyes out if my kids don't shower me with flowers, chocolates and socks/mugs/tshirts saying "The worlds greatest mom" on mothers day.

But it's always fine to be a little romantic - so I was, as I put together Brunos lunch last night, when he attended a meeting in the biking club.



Yes, cold cuts on pumpernickel can be romantic too.

Of course I kept my face straight this morning - and waited anxiously for him to write "WHAAAAAT" in an email. But not a sound.

So around 2 pm I write him to ask if he enjoyed his lunch, and he says "No, we had leftovers from that seminar yesterday - but I put it in the fridge, it's fine for tomorrow!"


That'll teach me...


Bobbi Boe said...

Oh he can still eat them tomorrow, and it will be a surprise if you had not tell yet,,,I would,, I cannot resist telling this stuff.

Mike got me some new earphones ,to use at the gym, since the ones I had before are real crappy and annoying to wear. But he actually asked me to go with him to buy the right one, being a practical guy that he is.

We got a nice bottle of Zinfandel and had a nice dinner of pork tenderloin. No candles but enough smiles and kisses!

wishing you a great weekend!

Bobbi Boe said...

Today I had the chance to say hello to Andreas, he was online for just a little bit, seems like he is finidn Costa Rica pretty hot!

I love to hear from him,. the dear boy has a special place in my heart.
And as for your comment at my blogs, true, wobbly bits does remind me of Bridget Jones diary, but the expression was very often on Tv while I lived in UK.

If anything at all it would be the second good that came from being married to Mr. Petersen, meeting you and living in Uk for a while, I do love the place!