Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strange nights

Recently I have been dreaming an awful lot.

And surely I do NOT want a dream-interpreter to check me out! My dreams are quite simply strange.

One night i dreamt that I had decided to quit my job to start an education (don't know which one..). When everything was in place and I had already resigned, I overheard one colleague saying to another: She'll be back in 3 months - just wait and see.

But I did resign and started my new life, and it was going along fine - until I realized that I missed being part of the network, that Bankdata is. I missed my colleagues, my role, the environment - horribly! But I found it difficult to change back, because my colleagues had predicted I would do just that. Before I solved this dilemma, I woke up with sweaty hands and a fast-beating heart - happy that it was just a dream.

Am I overly dependant of my job ... or what?

Well, just an example. The other dreams were not much better.

Another night I dreamt that I'd decided to take a little shortcut with my car. I drove my mazda into Superbrugsen and down an escalator (and I NEVER saw a Superbrugsen with an escalator!), where I got stuck - first, the car was kinda big to fit into the escalator, and second, at the bottom there was a wall 1½ meter from where the escalator stopped.

A nice Superbrugsen employee with a red sweater helped me out of the car and offered me and my passangers cake and lemonade (a few days too old to sell) in the back room, while we waited for the escalator repairman, whom he had called.

What the heck was that all about? Would I EVER drive my mazda down ANY kind of stairs, anyway? No way! And where does the old cake fit into the picture?

Last night I was visiting costumers, and our manager, Ove, came along. That was very annoying - not because Ove is not a nice guy, but honestly: Who wants the manager looking over your shoulder?

So I took everyone in the meeting outside to play soccer instead, and then I woke up.

Hmmmmm..... soccer?

Actually, I am into mens handball at the moment :-)

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