Monday, May 5, 2008

Garden life

We live a lot of our life in our garden at the moment.

Not that it's inbearably hot, but after a long dark winter it feels so wonderful to be outside in the sun, with no coat on, and even exposing white limbs some days.

And it is so pretty this time of year.


The pear tree has bloomed in white. Now the blossoms start to fall, leaving the garden white dotted.

We've been weeding and nipping and pouring earth on and sowing grass and nursing our garden, to make it a bit more like we want it.

And sometimes there has been time to take a cozy break in the sun with a can of pepsi and this gorgeous man...


The other day we fell for an offer on a wine vat, that we will be using to collect rain water at the end of our garage, where the water has just spashed all over the terrace. We put it up today, and my oh my there was a lovely scent of red wine wafting into our nostrils as we cut the hole for the rain water pipe.


I got quite an urge for red wine. But it IS only monday today.

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