Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazing what a layer of paint can do!

On our new house there is a lovely wooden porch.


We've allready enjoyed it a lot! It's got sun in the morning until about 10 am, and the sun comes back around in the afternoon, and bathes it in sunlight all evening.

A while ago we agreed to paint it some time - and we got a bucket of black paint, thinking black would look great with the white paned windows we plan to put in the house.


It was in dire need of paint. And the weather was great again today - so we lunged at the task this morning, and painted like madmen (and women).

It really looks good!


We love our "new" porch ... and soon we will give all of the garage a layer of paint, too.


When we were done, it was five minutes after lunchtime (our stomachs RUMBLED) - and we really deserved lovely lunch with cold Leffe beer in the sun...


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