Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a bright sunshiny day


I wish this warm spring weather would never come to an end. Sadly it looks like we will soon have to get used to gray clouds, raincoats and closed windows and doors - at least for a while.

Today, though, it is lovely. A little windy, but nice and warm.

In spite of that Bruno and I cleaned the house today. You drag in a lot of dirt on warm days, and the bathrooms don't get less dirty just because the weather is good.

But now we can face the working week calmly - and with clean toilets :-)

We have been spontaneous-social this weekend - saturday we dropped by a colleague and his wife, that recently moved into town. We came by to see their house, and got a chat and a glass of white wine on their rooftop terrace - very nice.

Today another pair of my colleagues came by. They live a bit longer outside town than us, and I pointed out to them, that they drive right by our house when they go home from town. We showed them the place, and they hung around for a cold beer on the porch at the end of the garden, where there is sun during the mid-day hours.

Its a nice and relaxed and stressless way to see people that way.

This afternoon Bruno is going out biking with our buddy Carsten, who also stays for dinner. We're going to bbq a chicken breast - always good.

Later on Kristian is coming home from spending the weekend at his dads. Bodil stays out there until tomorrow, and takes the bus to school from where he lives. It is great that they can just do it the way they prefer.

Life is good!

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