Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bikes in town

We have a large Harley Davidson event in town this weekend.

And they are literally everywhere, and have been since wednesday, where the first started to show up. There are funny types, shady types, peculiar types, criminal types - everywhere. AND their shiny well-kept rides are parked whereever you look.


Its been rather peaceful. We do hear a little music now and then, from the festival area. And the sound of Harley engines, very regularly.


So all in all it's a fine arrangement. And good for town, the shops and the restaurants alike.

We went for a stroll in town this morning - had a few errands and enjoyed lounging about in the sun, looking at bikes and people. On the city hall square we didn't see much of the bikers - I think everyone else went there.


We went to pick up contact fluid and bought plants for the garden. And my sweet, patient husband waited patiently in the sun while I was nosing through various stores.


It was lunchtime all of a sudden, and I remembered what delicious sandwiches they make at Caffe Katia - my favourite spot in town.


So we just had to stop by there, and I had a chicken sandwich that had me hearing angels sing - I think it must have been the delicious pesto in there. After lunch we had a great cup of espresso, and then we went home.


It was difficult to go, coz I'd just started reading Paolo Coelhos "Veronika decides to die" - I am going to have to borrow it at the library and finish it.

Even though we were rather full, we still got a few things done this afternoon. Bruno fixed this and that around the house and the garden, and I painted our red garden chairs - boy they needed a layer of paint!





wow ....

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