Sunday, May 25, 2008

The weekend that disappeared...

Oops ... this weekend is nearly gone.

The kids have been with their dad, and Bruno and I worked - primarily on the picture window room, and cleaning the house. We took the old kids carpet off the floor and cleaned the floor underneath.

We patched the holes in the wall and made it ready for painting. And Bruno painted the hall upstairs that had a ghastly 90-ish salmon colour.

Saturday we worked until 8 at night, and then we went to town to find some dinner. We ended up at Fredericia Brewhouse, where we had nachos with chicken and the house beer.

After that we went around town for a walk. Going past the English Pub we noticed that Tom Donovan was playing in there. We decided to go in there for a beer, and ended up staying for the concert. We were home at 00.30 - it was really a fun evening and completely unplanned.

Today we worked on, enjoyed the sun or a bit and watched a bit of Giro d'Italia - they are in the mountains now, so we like to watch it.

What a lovely weekend.

Kristian is home from his dad - Bodil stays there until wednesday. Its nice that she has a good time with him, that makes me happy.

Tomorrow the working week starts - and for once a WHOLE five day week :-)

Have a nice working week, everyone...


Bobbi Boe said...

Here is a holiday, Memorial Day so we going to the parade in town and to my friend Karen for a bbq after the parade, it feels like I am on vacation since it is so seldom we do a full day of NOT WORKING!

I am glad you had such a nice weekend!

Lizelotte said...

Good for you - having a nice day off :-)

Maybe you guys should do that more often - you might find yourselves being more effective overall if you took some time to relax and let work go for a bit...