Friday, April 30, 2010

Travel plans

At the moment we are - rather late, I know - planning the details of our coming-up trip to Granada in Andalucia, Spain.

We are leaving in a weeks time, and we booked the plane tickets a long time ago. Flying is cheap these days, so we got a good deal back then - pretty good even now, when icelandic ash clouds have made the airlines desperate to sell tickets.

Just a week or so ago we realized that it is SOON ... and we had no hotel bookings, no car rented - no nothing, actually :-)

Now we have managed to book hotels for most of our trip - one night in Malaga as we arrive there too late to make the trip to Granada, and a number of nights in Granada. We also got a car booked, to transport ourselves around.

The last 2 or 3 days are open - we plan to visit Gibraltar, and we are going to make hotel bookings once we get to Granada. We sort of like to have open plans and make up as we go along.
Andreas is looking forward to seeing us. Because he is the main reason that we gather his siblings, Bodil and Kristian (my lovely 17 year old daughter and her handsome 14 year old brother) and go to Granada.

Andreas is studying at the Universidad de Granada as part of the education he is taking. His normal campus is at University of Aalborg here in Denmark, but as he is studying Business Spanish, they recommend a semester in a spanish speaking country. I am just happy he didn't choose to go to South America! That is REALLY far away.

Over easter, his girlfriend (with whom he shares an apartment in Aalborg) visited him - now we are going to go there and spend a weeks time with him, and I just can't wait to see him. He still has 2 months to go - on july 3'rd he will be on a plane headed north.

I am sure his spanish is reaching heights they never would have just attending school in Denmark. He lives in a boarding house owned by a spanish lady, goes to classes with spanish students, and most of his everyday life is all in spanish.

He does get to skip one class, though - he went easy on himself and signed up for english ... and as his english is just as good as mine, the teacher really doesn't want him in class. Spanish people are known for their appalingly bad english, and his level is just way above the spanish students.
But the english class gives him some easy points, that he claims to need - I think studying university classes in a foreign language is quite the challenge.

Well, I look forward to having a spanish speaking guide, who knows his way around Granada. I can't wait to see the Alhambra, and being back in South Europe. I sometimes believe I was born in Denmark by mistake - being the latina I am :-)

I love the heat, the slower pace, the music, the food ... and of course, the wine ;-)

I also love spending time with my 3 kids (grown up as they might be) and the man I love - and just being the 5 of us is a rare occation, these days - Andreas being grown up and having flown away from the nest, and both him and Bodil having a steady girl-/boyfriend.

So it will be a week to cherish and enjoy.
I am ready to go.

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Bobbi Boe said...

Darn I envy you!
Sounds like such a cool trip!
I want MANY photos!