Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse?

I was almost grown up, when I, to my great surprise, found out that the main Disney character in the US was not Donald Duck - but Mickey Mouse!

All through my childhood years, my mother went and got the weekly Donald Duck & Co. cartoon magazine for me and my brothers and sister. And the main star and attraction was, of course, Donald Duck. The temperamental, and not always very lucky guy, who yells at his nephews, it treated unfairly by his rich uncle, and can never hold a job...

Sometimes I'd get lucky, and my mother would get me one of the cartoon books - a fat volume with longer stories. It lasted for days!

My favorite was not Donald Duck, though - but the Superman version of Goofy. He'd eat a peanut off his special bush, and then he'd turn into Supergoofy (or whatever his name was) and fly around in red woolen underwear and a blue cape. Awesome!

But Mickey Mouse? Sometimes I'd actually skip the stories he was in, because he was actually a bit dull. Kind of like a sissy cousin to the other cartoon characters - the one that always does the right thing, and remembers to bring a red apple (polished, of course) to the teacher.

So I always wonder why HE is the big shot in the american Disney universe. They love the dull goody-two-shoes, and we just adore the clumsy, hysterical, unfortunate slacker.

I don't dare think what an anthropologist would read into that. ;-)

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Hanne said...

I didn't care much for Mickey either. I think my favourite was Gyro Gearloose. He was geeky like myself. My mother also bought the magazine for us. The best thing about mondays and the worst thing if my brother got it first (slow reader)...