Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visitors, School trip and a summer sonday


What a glorious weather we've had this weekend, and what a lovely weekend it has been. I feel the sun in my skin - not too much, because I have slapped on factor 20 on my face, neck, decolletage, shoulders and arms - where I usually get too much sun.

Friday I worked at home. Sigh. It's tough when the weather outside is wonderful and green, and the view from my workstation is as alluring as mine.


Somehow I got a lot done, as you do, when you get to work undisturbed. And when my working day was suddenly over I was a busy bee and baked bread. I am a great fan of ready-to-mix pumpernickel. When you use them, you have 30 g left over yeast, that you can transform into delicious cinnamon rolls.


I invented the recipe myself.

About ½ a litre of luke warm water is added to the yeast to dissolve it. Salt, a bit of suger and a dash of oil is added, and then you add a suiting amount of flour, one egg, a handful of cinnamon and a good amount of raisins. Leave the dough to rise to double size.

Put the rolls on baking plates and leave to rise for 10 minutes, then bake 10-12 minutes at 200 celcius.


They taste great, and then you don't have 3/5 of a package of yeast rolling around your fridge.

Our guests friday night didn't get cinnamon rolls. They got bbqed pork chops and sausages (I have a colleague that sell grill sausages made out of limousine beef - yum!) with parsley/garlic potatoes, good homemade bread, salad and tzatziki - and a couple of bottles of Ch. la Pujade.

We had a massively nice time.

Saturday morning my mouth tasted bad - as if a clove of garlic had crept into my mouth to die in the course of the night - along with a foul old wine cork. Eeew. But I hurried up and got myself all perky, coz we were to visit Bodils school from next year - for new-students-day.

First we swooped by Germany for coke and other supplies. The kids were in a great mood - not very sibling-like in this pic:


After that we went to the school. It's in a tiny town - Højer - not too far from Tønder. It is a long way out in the country.


But they focus on design, and Bodil really wants to learn more about textile design, which is on of the lines on that school. She is really looking forward to starting there in august.

Today Bruno has been out biking with Carsten. Meanwhile I have enjoyed the sun and done laundry.

Ahead is a busy week. Monday and tuesday is covered in meetings, and wednesday I will be busy catching up. Thursday is our constitution day - and friday I have taken a day off.

Wednesday afternoon Bruno and I take off in the general direction of Paris. We are having a lovers weekend in the city of cities, my honey and me.

A beautiful man, a beautiful town - and a summer that has just begun.
Can one wish for more?

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Bobbi Boe said...

Now I am totally jealous!

What a wonderful weekend you had!
Wishing a great next one, it sounds sooooo romantic!