Monday, June 16, 2008

Full house

Andreas is home again - it is very nice!

Things marched into columns all by themselves - we were invited to daughter in law Mettes 30th birthday saturday, in Roskilde not too far from Copenhagen. It was nice, meeting her family and friends, and fun meeting Christinas roommates in her new apartment in Amager.

We stayed the night in a camping cottage on a lovely camping site in Roskilde, and left there early sunday morning, coz Andreas was due to arrive at 9. It got to be a bit later - but oh my, it was great to see him and Kristina again!

We drove home, and Andreas found it a bit odd that we were going to Fasanvej - when he left, we still lived in Snoghøj.

One of his first actions was to open the birthday presents awaiting him. He turned 21 last weekend. One of the gifts was a russian military hat from his grandparents in Kibæk.


Andreas is so lucky. He's got a "mormor" (mothers mother), a grandmother and a grandfather, plus his grandma and grandpa. Mormor of course is my mother. Grandmother and grandfather are my exhusbands parents - they have known Andreas since he was 3, and to them he is 100% their grandchild. Grandma and grandpa are Andreas' biological grandparents from the US - so he is a young man with many grandparents! :-)

We got around to setting up the guest room so it works for him. His TV came up yesterday, and today we add a desk for his PC. His clothes are in a bedroller under the bed, and the rest of his belongings are stacked up in boxes :-) We don't count on him living here for too long.


Andreas managed to stay awake all day yesterday, and to go to sleep at about 11. Then he slept like a rock until 7 this morning, so I think he's got jetlag beat. He sure looked well rested!

Good for him - he starts working at Coca Cola at 2 in the afternoon today - there is money to be made now!

It is wonderful to have him home - even if it's just for a short while, before Kristina and him move to Aalborg as planned.

I've taken a spontaneous day off (thank you project manager Hans) and will enjoy having the kid to myself for a bit...

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kiss the dear boy for me, well maybe I should see the handsome man!

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