Monday, June 16, 2008

April weather in june

Yesterday they said on TV, that we'd be getting april weather today.

They were dead on!
I've been having a day off, and have been doing a little laundry.

This morning the weather looked fabulous!


My garden, bathed in morning sun, the air crisp from the night rain ... aaahhh!

But every time I hung my laundry out to dry, it started raining. First time I was being cocky - I hung it on the strings in the back of the garden - and 5 minutes later it was dripping from the sky.

Second time I was being more careful. It looked nice and blue, but I didn't quite trust it. I hung the clothes on my little portable string-thing, and placed it close to the house, near the stairs to the cellar. 5 minutes later it was POURING.

Now I just went on a garden excursion. I was scrutinizing our pear tree to find pears. I didn't see many - though there were some!


Do you see it? Dead center of the picture. But the tree bears other fruits. I opened - nonchalantly and unthinking - the birdcase hanging much too low on the pear tree - and hurriedly shut it again. Later I snuck down to take a picture - and now I will leave the little tenant alone!


It looks like what is called a "mejse" in danish - anyone know what it is? I think it is roosting (it that what it is called?) and I will leave it at peace in the future!

I just hung out more clothes. And it's been more than 5 minutes - it is still not raining. How lucky can you get?

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