Sunday, April 27, 2008

In a garden mood

Maybe the sun wasn't shining from a clear blue sky yesterday, but it was nice and warm, perfect for gardening.

So we did just that - after lunch, coz we had some indoor stuff to do, and a trip to the store to take.

One thing we did was hang these drawings. Bodil did them, after photos - and those who know her see instantly that they depict herself. She is a talented one!


There were other little stuff to do inside, but pretty soon we went outside, the garden was awaiting us, and we'd bought lots of summer flowers.
We have had plant boxes on our old terrace - now they brighten up the front of our new house. Once there was a garden in front of the house, but for practical reasons it's been covered up - and it can get a bit bare without flowers.


Once we change the windows into white painted old style windows, it will look REALLY nice...

Behind the house we were also at it. Our porch has a "view" of our old, ugly garage roof, so we got some flower pots up there to camouflage a little.


On the side of the house there is a strange bed sticking out from the wall, there was nothing but weeds in it when we moved in. We talk about covering it, but for now I put this scrawny little lilac in it. I found it at the store one day, took pity on it and brought it home...


I rarely saw such a little runt ... lets see if it makes it.

Behind the house is a good sized bed. Strawberry plants has been put in, to try to cover the ground. Been there, done that - got the trouble of weeding in between. You imagine BOTH not having to weed AND harvesting lovely berries, but one thing is, that strawberryplants only look nice for a short period of time, and another is, that they give good harvest on the 3rd year, from then on it just goes downhill. Besides, they don't fill in that well - so you get the pleasure of weeding out in between them.

Nobody had done that for quite a while here. There were all kinds of weeds, and a undefineable, yellowy and shapeless bush of a sort. There were also a cute little weeping willow and a pretty troll hazelnut - they get to remain.

I couldn't dig out the whole bed - it hurts lik the devil in my stupid tailbone when I go on for too long (at least I don't get to continue long enough to cause trouble for my shoulders) but I did make it quite a part of the way - and Bruno dug out the strange bush (and the 3 ugly tujas in the lawn).


Instead of the shapeless bush we put in a cotoneasters, that we had in a pot, and that is looking a bit sickly. Lets see if it feels better in the ground.
Good thing is I can see my progress in this flowerbed! And I managed to do more later.


Rhubarbs is a must. So I planted a couple of those in my newly dug piece. Bruno also planted a pot with one of those purple thingys ... forgot its name. But it's pretty .. yeah, the flower, too... ;-)


Damn, we were laborious! So we honestly deserved a cup of coffe in our livingroom (now with pictures on the wall).



Bobbi Boe said...

Wow I love when you post so many pictures!
Shame you don't show in any of them!

Weekend here was not bad but today it raining cats, dogs, parrots and some small fish too and the temp. went down like crazy!

I was hoping to do , or at least start my garden this past weekend but alas it never happened and now Tracy will arrive so I am not sure I will get to it while she is here visiting.

My poor baby Jack is still having a hard time with the cone and nights have been on the bad side.

Wishing you a great week!

Lizelotte said...

I know you do - promise to do a Fredericia-picture-show soon :-)

Here its raining too - it was good until 5 in the afternoon but now its dripping.

Poor Jack - hope he is better soon!