Sunday, April 20, 2008

Castellane - je t'adore!

About (let me count ... hmmm) FOUR years ago we went on a camping holiday in Castellane, in the heart of wonderful Haut-Provence. Where the lavender- and wine-fields mingle, where every market in every village sell big round cheeses and yellow stoneware with olives on, and where the river Verdon twist its way between the mountains and through les Gorges des Verdon.

To me it is the most beautiful and peaceful place we ever visited. It was in Castellane we walked up and up to visit a churc overhanging the village of Castellane on a cliff. To me Castellane is the essence of Southern France - and now we will be going back!

We booked a site on a camping ground named Chasteuil-Provence a bit outside Castellane. I am allready looking forward to the sun and heat and the special atmosphere down there...

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