Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bean there, done that...

It's been a great long weekend - well, at least if I ignore certain parts of my anatomy.

Saturday I woke up to the fact, that I'd survived the night after my staircase-crash. Helped along by non-prescription drugs, cooling and ½ a bottle of Errazuriz Max Reserva. I'd gotten the idea of cooling on the internet, where I found a homepage telling about what to do with lesions of the tailbone. As we don't really know where our ice packs are, the job came down to a bag of haricots verts - or green beans, in plain english. They are actually quite good for the job, as they don't lump up after having been thawed a couple of times, the way peas would.

But you do feel a bit freaky sitting there with a bag of green beans on your bum. Bean there, done that, was this weekends catchphrase...

Saturday morning Conny, Carsten and Stine came to visit, and fortunately I was able to handle a walk down town, window shopping ... it's not really a long way, and by the aid of medication and frozen beans, I managed. To break up the distance, we took a beer on Ryes Plads - sitting on a bench outside the English Pub, in the sun.

Other than that, the visit contained an afternoon walk on the city ramparts, and a lot of dinner chat and good times. Carsten was as usual the last to give in and go to bed, around one. Bruno lasted about an hour later than that, and Conny and I really talked through, going to bed to the sound of the first birds at 3.30. We'd had a bit of red wine. But not too much - we all felt fine this morning.

Here are a few pictures from our walk last afternoon. I should probably have taken pills BEFORE we went, coz I nearly didn't make it all the way home...

Bruno and Carsten setting the world straight, in the absence of car dealers, where they could go and kick tires.

Kristian and Cujo had a good time.

We made it all the way down to the blue Lillebælt.

Sister posed on the Danmarksporten (Denmarks Gate).

The Landsoldaten (country soldier) posed at his usual spot - he didnt look as good as sister...


Bobbi Boe said...

love the pictures, post more

hwo's dog was that one?

Lizelotte said...

The dog - Cujo (named after Stephen Kings killer dog) is my sisters. He's a Cairn terrier and awfully cute!

Lizelotte said...

Pssssst: and you might wanna check out my flickr for more pics!