Friday, April 18, 2008

How you go from mobile to handicapped in 4 seconds

Here is the recipe:

Take 1 steep and worn basement staircase and add 1 busy woman on the way down to the laundry basket.

A sure attention grabber. 10 secs later I had Bruno hovering over me looking worried, while I pitifully moaned: Don't touch me - I'm okay, I just need a bit of time...

When I'd recovered enough to be able to stand without fainting (I have this rather troublesome habit of passing out when in pain - cute if you're a little dainty thing, but rather impractical when you are tall, strong and non-portable like me), I got myself up the stairs again and into the couch - just in time to avoid fainting.

There I was, whimpering and feeling sorry for myself while making inventory:
* one good blow to my lower back - sore but not serious
* one very painful blow to my tailbone - OUCH OUCH!
* one blow to the elbow that quickly had to abandon the stage in my mind for the other aches.

WOW I'm gonna be yellow and blue! I bruise very easily, so I'll be one work of art!

After a bit I sent Bruno off on his bikeride, planned before my fall - I was ok on the couch and I almost got stressed from him sitting there, watching me with a worried look - the sweet man!! :-)

Now I am fairly mobile. I'm a little slow on the stairs, and getting in and out of a sitting position. I'm afraid it will be a couple of days (weeks?) before my running shoes get to go outside again. :-(

Oh well - at least its a great excuse to drink red wine tonight - for MEDICAL reasons, right??

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Bobbi Boe said...

Hey poor you!

I can easily relate to those terrible falls on stairs, I have a hard time myself.
This past weekend I helped the brazilian neighbor with a tag sale, they need to move because they cannot afford the house payments, a shame but alas they will rent so they might get back.
The sun was really strong saturday so i got sun burned and very achy form all the standing, bending and carrying heavy stuff!
But she made almost 2.000 by sunday 4pm and I did manage to sell 150 of stuff I dont use too!
It was a great way to help her and at the same time clean my basement a bit!

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