Sunday, April 27, 2008

The first day of summer

The first day of summer was in april this year.

I say that because - it felt like summer today - around noon the sun came through the clouds, and the temps have been on the right side of 20 celcius. I worked in my flowerbed, and got another bit of the way - and then I washed our white garden furniture, they were in dire need.

My face is a bit cooked now.

Lunch and afternoon coffee was taken outside - the latter in the company of Christina, who is visiting on the way home from a seminar near Aarhus, and with Andreas - sort of, that is - I had him on the phone, and it was just great to hear his voice.

He's been sick from a strept throat this week, and had the doctor out - he got some penicillin, poor boy. In Costa Rica they appearantly think they only get full value for money, when the doctor pops out the syringes, so he got a shot in the bum.

Now he is coming around again - lucky, since they leave wednesday for a trip around Costa Rica. Then they are going to San Fransisco, and from then on to Chicago to visit his fathers family - and then home to mama...


He is a grown young man now - who survived the queens guard with long boring shifts and all. But I can tell he misses me and his family, along with danish food - and just DENMARK in general.

Need I say, we miss him too?


This evening Lasse came by to say hi - and got a bite to eat along with us. It was really nice, having four out of our five put-together kids here all at once.

Life is good. And there is only 1½ months until Andreas comes home :o)

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