Saturday, April 5, 2008

About being too much

During my life, I have sometimes been labelled "too much" - to my face or behind my back.

And for long periods of my life I've tried toning down. I haven't had much luck with it - I am who I am, and the tiger stripes have a way of shining through...

I've learned being good at making space for others, too. So I don't use all the oxygen in the room. It's really not that difficult, and it doesn't hurt.

On the other hand it's difficult to change that you are a person that is - if not TOO much, then at least - much.

I smiled when I read this post(Warning: it's in danish) on the subject at my old friend Johnnie's.

And then I thought:

Some people think it's really awful when somebody else is "too much".
But isn't it really a lot worse - being too little?


Bobbi Boe said...

whatever you do don't dare to be less than much!
You are just about GREAT!


Lizelotte said...

Minha docinha, don't you worry - I think I am too old to be improved, or changed... :-)