Thursday, April 3, 2008

Piles are melting away

The piles in my house are deminishing every day.

But darn, we have so many THINGS ... I almost get a bad taste in my mouth when I see how much I own. Maybe they do have a point, those simple-living-people? I know it would be a lot easier moving, if we only had 8 towels, 3 pots, 2 candleholders and one set of bedlinen per person.

Not to mention the wardrobe of the mistress of the house ... I threw out a LOT when I packed, but I still have a ton - and still not a thread to wear! ;-)

The basement was stuffed full of boxes, and you had to edge your way around upstairs on saturday, when our movers went home.

The basement is STILL full of boxes, but most are gone from the kitchen and living room now, and you start to see the floor here in the picture-window-room, where I am sitting with my computer writing (and listening to Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" REALLY loud, as I am alone at the moment).

This room has been our "dump" - along with the cellar, but now the "lovely" kids-carpet is starting to peek out under the mess.

We still sleep on our mattress on the floor. We have priorited putting together our cabinet for clothes - so now we have a 2 by 1,36 m space to put clothes. That helped emptying some boxes! AND it put variety back in my work wardrobe.

We are so happy for our choise of house! And it will be with only a small twinge of sadness we leave the key to our old house to the new owners on saturday.

One of the best things about living here is waking up at 6.15 in the morning - and listening to the only sound outside: the birds singing in the pear tree.

Then we can close our eyes and pretend we're in the middle of a forest.
It sounds that way.

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