Sunday, March 16, 2008

Labour of love

We worked hard today.

I woke up - just woke up for no reason - a bit before seven. It's unusual, but as soon as my mind was near waking, my brain got active ... what are we doing today??

That way we were actually in our new house before 9, and that was fine! Status tonight is that we got all of the kitchen, the dining area and the living room painted with the first layer. This is how our kitchen looks like. It is fairly new.


There were still some cleaning to do ... I think there had been a lot of cigarette smoke in that house. The window was yellow, but some serious scrubbing with heavy soap water made the wood go back to a pretty white. There were a couple of pipes that were in need - of paint, Bruno thought, but my experience with the window made me try the soap water and knuckle grease solution. Note to self: Pipes need cleaning sometimes ... otherwise they get REALLY gross...


It's easy to see how far you get.

Because of my shoulders i frequently have to take breaks from painting. Then I do other things. Carry stuff in from the car and put them away. Wash the dishes from our last coffee break. Clean a bit here and there. And sometimes just walk around the house, enjoying the lovely rooms of our new, wonderful home.


This is a favourite room of mine. The room with the panorama window, where we will have our den - with our computers, some easy chairs to read in - and it will also be our spare guest room, but it will have to have room for bookshelves.

Next to this room is our future living room. It needs a layer of paint on this picture, but we allready fixed that.


Later we will do things to this room. We want to pull down the ugly ceiling and restore the old stucco hiding underneath. Between the dining area and the living room is a weird opening. We want to make it square ... and we have tons of other plans, too!

Meanwhile my sweet Bruno painted. He is untireable.


We have a good time. We work well together. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we dont. Sometimes we have a conversations across rooms or floors. Sometimes one of us start whistling or singing, and it turns into a duet.

We take breaks and drink coffee and weaves dreamwebs of our new home. We talk about the neighbours we allready met - they all seem really nice and open.

We talk about how it will be to wake up for the first time in there. On Fasanvej, in our big, bright bedroom in that beautiful old house.

It'll be great - and it'll be in less than 2 weeks!


Bobbi Boe said...

It is so nice you keep those pics coming!
I truly heart houses!

So I can have the picture wondow when I go visit? You said it will be the guest room!
humm ok, if you realy need to have your puters there i will be graceful and not complain too much!

I am happy for you!

Lizelotte said...

Of course you can, if you want - it will be a spare guest room, anyways - but I think you'll be more comfy in the "real" guest room ;-)