Monday, March 17, 2008

I guess it just takes hard work!

I visited the physical therapist today - I was a bit worried what he'd say to me because
* I haven't really made as many of my exercises as I should have
* I've painted and cleaned like mad half of saturday and all of sunday
* I haven't thought as much about having the right posture as I should
so I thought he'd be rough on me.

Much to my surprise it was better than it has been for a while ... good enough for him to cancel my appointment this wednesday.

So I guess it just takes hard work!

I went to the hairdresser today too, so now I have a summer hairdo!

Bruno had to work today - a meeting with a client in Horsens - so all in all the work on the house was suffering today.

Instead I packed a few boxes - we have an AWFUL lot of books, and we can't spare a single one! well ... actually ... we have just sorted them and are ditching a big box of them.

So now we only have about 10 boxes of books left...

We did make a short working session in the house late afternoon. Bruno got the livingroom painted again, and I readied Krisians room for painting, and also filled holes in the walls of Bodils room.

Tomorrow we start off the day by a shopping trip to Germany. We're all out of cola - and the will NOT do, when we have to work hard on the house! We leave early, so we can get back and get going with some more painting.... I'd really like to give Kristians room the first coat of paint tomorrow - let's see if I make it.


Bobbi Boe said...

Hey it is good news about the shoulder, but you should not over do it!

Mike just did something wrong with his knee last night, going down the stairs to the basement and now he is in a LOT of pain, but of course he does not want to see a doctor! grrrrrrrrrrrr

I always find it a bit amusing you guys go all the way to Germany to buy cola!
I just go up to the grocery store but then Germany is really far for me!

Lizelotte said...

Poor Mike - I hope his knee is better!

Well Germany is only a 50 minute drive, and soda is 1/3 of the danish price, when you get them on sale down there... so it makes perfect sense (specially when we have our gas bill paid by Brunos work).