Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another little bit...

Today we got a bit further again!

Kitchen and livingroom is now ready for us to move in. I painted the last edges, and the foot panels in the kitchen - they needed it badly.

In the afternoon we went to the lawyers to sign the papers on the house. It was easy, because the lawyer we use for the buy is right on Høgevej - not very far from Fasanvej.

On the way back I got a snap of the streetsign - in one end of the street you can see a nice old streetsign, hanging on number 1. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it dates back from when the street was new - back in the twenties. I have been told that before there were houses, the area was named Rosenvold, and the city dwellers had picnics there on sundays... a funny thought, as the house is now in a central part of the town.


The street is quite small and narrow - there is no sidewalk and the houses are quite close. A few houses are alike, but ohterwise it's mixed - some look like ours, there are a couple of two family houses, and a "skyscraper" with 3 stories, containing apartments - and in the middle of it all, there is a single house dating from the sixties.

Otherwise todays status is ... I got started at painting the edges for Kristians room. Tomorrow he is coming along to help. These colours certainly need replacing...


Down in the basement Bruno was working hard. He has the supporters for the floor sawed out, and he has put down the plastic to keep damp out. Tomorrow he has to do the precision work of making the floor level - good thing I don't have to do that! ;-)


Suddenly it was after six, and we hadn't anything planned for dinner. Fortunately I was just out of paint, so I washed my brush and drove by Føtex, where they have so much food they sell it to anyone who has money.

While I was in the kitchen rinsing my brush, I enjoyed the view from my kitchen window ... pretty, huh?


The sun poured gold over the whole thing and I considered how different things look on a day like this, compared to when the clouds hang low and the rain soaks everything.

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