Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's getting close!

The day is getting close ... this coming saturday we take over our new house!

From then on we have 3 weeks, where we have 2 houses - our plan is to move on march 29'th, and that leaves us with a one week margin. Plenty of time to clean the old house properly for the new owners.

Someone asked me if I was not the least bit sorry for leaving this house, and the answer is: no, I am not.

I've had some of the happiest years of my life here, but that is not due to the house. I would have been happy in almost any house.

And now I am moving to a house my love and I picked out together - far from ex'es, old neighbours and all of the history that in time has gone bad on us.

I can't wait to see the house - just with us in it! To look in closets and peek under carpets. To own it!

Last weekend was well spent. We went out on friday with some of Brunos colleagues, and saturday was the big Bankdata party - nearly 800 people in Forum Horsens. It was a fine party, allthough the food was somewhat lacking in quality.

Sunday I was ... well, indisposed. Hung over.

Now I have some busy days until friday, when my vacation starts...

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Bobbi Boe said...

Thanks for the post in english!
I did try to read the danish one but I guess my brain is at the slow side at the moment.
I did manage to get a reasonable night of sleep after a week battling this ugly cold!
I think I see a blinking light at the end of the tunnel!

beijinhos(virus free)