Friday, February 29, 2008

About being priveleged

When it comes to hard physical labour, I'm not worth much these days.

There are lots of things, I can't do at the moment. Fortunately my mand stands by me and cheers me up - and also knows when to leave me to be cranky on my own.

With him I am in the best hands. He can vaccum and make pizza dough, now that I can't.


And he reminds me of all the other stuff I do.

He is wonderful, and I am mad about him. Yesterday, when I was at the hairdressers with Kristian, I heard Shania Twains "You're still the one" playing on the radio - and that song just sums up how I feel about him.

Way back when we started, there were enough people that didn't give us a chance - even some that wanted badly to see us fail. Some, that were nice enough to remind us, that the honeymoon would soon be over.

To those people I can only say: :-P

As Shania sings "...we're still going strong..."


Bobbi Boe said...

I sure know I was not among those people!
Quite the opposite!
But it is wonderful to know it is still as strong, well I would say it is even stronger now!


Lizelotte said...

I know you were not!!

But they were plenty, I can assure you... :-)