Monday, February 25, 2008

Time and relativity...

You know what they say about time, don't you?

How it speeds madly, when you sit around the table with good friends and a meal. How it drags it feet when you wait in the dentists waiting room.

Or if you are waiting for something good to happen.

Now there is a little less than 3 weeks to the day when we get the keys for our new house. I have never imagined that 3 weeks could be SUCH a long time. And it is quite unfair.

I want my hoooooouse!! I want to go and look in the closets, peek under the carpets, putter about in the garden - and make it all mine. I want to start painting and moving things in there. And I would rather have it happen today than tomorrow (okay - maybe not today - but rather tomorrow than the day after that).

For such a long time I have worn my house-eyes. When I saw a house, I gave it the old up-and-down. Did it look good?

The house-eyes are now converted to interior-eyes. I can't see a magazine, a tv-show, or walk past a house with lit windows - I have to check the colors, the decorating, how it is furnished ... I get ideas and evaluate.
My sole issue of Isabellas is worn thin, and I study all magazines ardously - much more intensly than I ever have.

I dream.

And most of all I wait and long - intensely! - to meet my new house. My new neighbourhood. My new neighbours.

This new chapter in my life.


Bobbi Boe said...

what is an Isabellas issue?

is it a magazine?

Lizelotte said...

Isabellas is THE magazine about home and garden in Denmark ... take a peek at