Friday, December 14, 2007

"It's bigger than my TV!"

....that was the reaction from Bodil - slightly envious - when she saw the new monitor I got for my trusty (and back again from the dead) stationary pc.

As part of my fringe-benefit-buy-cheap-and-tax-sponsored-laptop, I also generously awarded myself ... a big SOB of a 22" flat screen monitor...

It's scrumptious. Finally I have a screen big enough to actually view two windows side by side ... its almost like at work where I have 2 seperate 17" monitors ... nice!

Bodil is threatening to steal it and use it as a tv.
Andreas is mooning around it, seemingly quite taken with it.

... I wonder what they'll say when they see the sweaty sound system discretely tucked away behind the empty christmas boxes??

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