Friday, December 14, 2007

The day after

Yeah - it was very much the day after today. Phew ... it seemed really early, when my alarm clock told me, I had to get up and wake up Bodil - but she was barely seated at breakfast, when I fell back into bed where I slept on until 9.

Kristian doesn't start until 10 on fridays - and he came in the bedroom with a puzzled look, he hadn't caught on to the fact that we had the day off today :-)

But our wine club arrangement went well. Even though it started out with what seemed like a minor catastrophy: the dish washer in the cafeteria wouldn't start, and we didn't really have any clean glasses. Fortunately, it was just a minor glitch, and we soon had it up and running.

The whole board of the wine club was there - one with half a flu. Here he gets a Treo. It was well needed, he worked so hard his hair stood on end!


Meanwhile others were opening the wines. Tables were being set and cheeses were sliced, bread was put on tables and much other. The arrangement is a blind tasting, so everything had to be decantered. Every time a new wine went in, each table got a piece of paper with 5 questions, 3 about the wine, and one "trivia", to be answered for points.


We only have 20 tumblers, so when one wine was set in, and another came out, we rinsed out the tumblers so they were ready for te next wine. We walked many steps, and at some point I took off my shoes...

Bruno was there too - he didn't sit with me, because I sat with the rest of the board - naturally we had a table, that was not in the competition. I had made sure he was in good hands, though - he was seated with our good friends Alex and Marie. And nobody can accuse me of having leaked hints of the competition to him, as they ended up second last...


There is such a nice mood on a night like that. People talking a lot, and it can be difficult to get to say what needs to be said in between wines - and it doesn't get easier as the evening goes by! But it is just fine. As long as everybody goes home happy.


Our point counting system is really low tech. It has to be - we don't spit out on a night like that! :-)

After the competition there was delicious chokolate - belgian Neuhaus and danish Summerbird, and the local baker had supplied us with loads of marcipan cakes. Yum! It was hard to keep your hands off it.


With sweets you have to have nice dessert wines, and of course we had some of that as well. There was no eye dry - or glass, for that matter. Here is Lars, Helge and me, watching the happy crowd - most of the hard work well done, and all we had left was cleaning up.


At some point we sent those home, that had to work today. Jesper had to get up and test at 6 in the morning - yuk! Thomas couldn't take today off, so he couldn't stay too late, either. Lars just looked like he was done - ½ a flu, treo and loads of wine is tough stuff. So we waved goodbye to him too.

A little after midnight Helge, Bruno and I were done cleaning up. Then we went home. It takes us about half an hour to walk home, but the fresh air is so good! We talk really well with our tummies full of good stuff, and fresh air on our faces. But it was past 1 before we got to bed.

Today our heads are somewhat heavy. I am feeling allright now - for the first time today - but we got most of our gift shopping done, anyway! I just have to buy something for Bruno and for BAD Andreas, who forgot to give me a wish list!

In a sec I go downstairs to bake rolls - we're having homemade burgers for dinner...
And I think we might go to bed early...

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Roberta said...

It did brought back many memories!
And Helge is looking good, funny as Tomas always claim he was good looking before I met him and then when I did I was truly disappointed, I think the years did him good!
Please let me know which wines you guys tasted! I am always curious to try something new!

Well it is time for me to grab my hubby and do some xmas shopping!