Saturday, November 17, 2007

It was really cold this week!

Wednesday in particular - even with my rabbit-vest I was freezing most of the day - except for the last hour of work, spent in a meeting at my boss' office. He'd turned up the heat in his office to sauna-heat, because he'd been cold in the morning.

Well warmed up after that meeting it was time to go home. On my high heels you have to go carefully. We work in a former lamp-factory, that my company have plans to rebuild to offices. There are lots of grid-stairs and uneven floors, and salting for ice rarely makes it all the way over to us from the main building.


This room I frequently pass on my way in and out of work, and we also have a couple of conference rooms back here.

Safely down the stairs, this pretty sky greeted me. Goes to show that even in a dull industrial neighbourhood you can find something pretty.


Thursday I worked home. Started out the day by driving Bodil to Bøgeskov (for the 3rd day in a row), where they are practising their school musical. Went to see the result on thursday night - it was fun! Bodil was, of course, splendid.

My hortensias still display some pretty colours, I discovered the other day...


Today is saturday, and I have a spinning session planned in an hour. Tonight we have a dinner at Brunos boss, so we have to find some flowers for his wife. Can't show up empty handed, right?

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