Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wedding Aniversary

Yesterday was Brunos and my wedding aniversary.

We've been married for 6 years and were wed at Fanø County House on a clear, beautiful november day.

At that time we'd been living together for a year. After seeing a young neighbour in his early 30'es drop dead without warning, we'd been talking about securing each other, and after researching laws and rules (my job ;-) I came to the conclusion that stepp one would be marrying.

So I proposed very romantically to Bruno.
"Honey - I've checked out the law about inheritance. It might be a good idea if we got married."

Fortunately, he agreed :-)

To begin with, I was all for a quick trip to Fredericia County House in our lunch break, but Bruno thought, that was a bit to minimalistic. We talked about it, and came to following premises:

* We'd be wed in a cosy, romantic, pretty place.
* It would be just him and me - and everyone else would get to know later.
* We decided to wear rings
* I thought about it hard and decided to take on his last name.

We ended up going to Fanø. A pretty, small red brick building on a coupled square.

The ceremony and the day itself - the beautiful weather, the unexpected tickle in my tummy, the mayors fine, empatic speech - I will remember always. It was a beautiful day and beautiful moment, even if it started out as a practicality.

We were wed on a friday - like yesterday - and we'd taken the day off to drive to Fanø and get married in the morning. Afterwards we drove home. On the way home we had lunch n a nice inn, and in the evening we went out for dinner with the oldest of our kids (Lasse, Andreas and Christina) in Odense. There, we told them that we had gotten married.

We don't really make a big deal of our wedding day. Sometimes we cook a nice dinner, and talk a little about it, maybe hug a bit more. But our normal everyday life is so full of love, and it's hard to be extra-romantic. Some years we've even forgotten our aniversary - and realized a few days later.

That is okay. We don't wait for special days to celebrate our love and our life together.

For us it is part of our everyday life - that it starts by enjoying the fact, that it is precisely the two of us, waking up together.

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Roberta said...


Even more because you dont need a special day!
Tomorrwo will be 7 years that I moved here!
We got a $100 gift certificate, from a client, for the best restaurant in town so we will celebrate too!