Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bikesafari with my honey

We had a nice evening yesterday. And didn't get too late (or wet) for us to seize the oppertunity to get out into the lovely fall day today.

This morning was foggy and gray. So I enjoyed sitting inside with my knitting. It lights up any shade of gray - this pair of socks I started up friday with some yarn I had.


Around noon the day got clear, and the sun came out. It looked nice, and when Bruno said he was planning to drive to Kolding and test the biketrip all the way around Kolding that he was doing with a bunch from the bike club next saturday - did I want to come along? - I was quick in accepting.


So the bikes went in the car, and we were off.
If you wonder about the plastic numbers on our bikes, it's due to us doing the winter cup this year. You need your team number on your bike, and they are on there with strips, that don't open easily.


The mood was cheery enough for me to feel moved to take this rather silly self portrait. The glasses may not be pretty. But they are practical! They shield your eyes from the wind and from stuff getting in your eyes. The glass part is switch-able, and I also have a dark one for sunny weather and clear ones for a gray day.

We parked out west of Kolding, by an old train station. We zigged and zagged our way down to Kolding harbour, and from there on we had to go by the yacht harbour. Bruno had been told of a path leading there by his friend Laurent, but it wasn't easy to find. We managed, though, even if I at this point thought he was trying to lead me astray:


We got by the yacht harbour, and went on. All the time we were skirting town, even if it felt very forest-ish. Would you believe we were just about 100 metres from lots of houses?


This guy was my tour guide. Even in bike glasses and a helmet he manages to look good!


I took this pic in the exact same place as the prior. And behind Bruno you can see the houses, I am speaking off - no kidding.
Just minutes later we got into a spot of rough riding - a narrow path next to a stream. It got me a bit jumpy. Bruno thought he had an owl riding behind him (going UUUH UUUH) but it was just me. Fortunately I managed to miss the stream :-)

Luckily, this path was the wrong way, so we got back into a path, that was somewhat more civilized. Not for long, though. The middle part of the trip was the most difficult one - with paths that went up-and-down. Not my favourite thing. Particularly up, I sometimes have a hard time. If you put your weight too far back on the bike, it rears up on you (and you crash), and if you put it too far forwards, you lose traction on your hind wheel and stop going forward (and you crash).
When the path on top of that is muddy, filled with fallen leaves, that hide sticks and branches, and are pretty bumpy, there is plenty of challenge for a not very accomplished and unexperienced mountainbiker.

As I usually tell Bruno - winter cup is my terrain - a bit of road, a bit of track, easy paths (except, of course, if you pair up with Carsten who is really good at finding clever shortcuts by crazy paths paved with rubble).

Well then - the middle part was NOT very winter-cuppy. Bruno found it easy - but it was a bit technical for me, and demanded a better shape than I am in at the moment.

There are upsides to all that crazy up-and-down stuff, though - going around a corner, to find a view like this:


And yes - we were still skirting town - wow!

But what comes up, must go down. A bit later we were looking up at the place this picture was taken.

We got around some today, even if it was just about 25 km. But that is actually quite a bit, when it's on paths and forest tracks. We met a lot of people out for walks, and for bike rides in the nice weather. The cutest ones we met were these guys (or gals):


After 3 hours the sun was going down (it was nearly 4 pm) and it started to get cold. Luckily we were back at the car at that point, and could take off the muddiest clothes and head for a warm shower and coffee.

The bikes were filthy!


My shoes, though, were actually cleaner than when we headed out. I had forgotten washing off the crap (actual crap - as in cow made fertilizer) after our last ride.


It was a great trip, and now i am spent. It's amounted to 3 times of exercise this week - monday working out and spinning, yesterday the same, and today this lovely trip.

I hear my couch and my knitting calling. I deserved it.

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