Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advendt workshop

...what just happened?

I turn my back to my computer for just a moment, and several days pass by!

Anyway, thursday ... Bodil and I went to advendt workshop at Bankdata. This year my colleague Susanne (the one from Lund+Lund)who coordinated the arrangement.


Kristian actually planned to come too, but he had a boys trip scheduled that evening with the club - going to Kolding to shoot laser guns! That was a bit more appealing than messing with branches and candles!

Susanne took a rain check too, as her daughter picked just that night to come home from a long trip - she'd been to Cuba. So she was going to Kastrup to wave at the airport! The other Lund - Jytte, her sister-in-law - came and represented the family :-)

Our instructor was as usual our former colleague, Lene, from Pilen og Blomsten. An ex-co-worker, gone - perhaps not to seed, but at least to flowers...


Lene had us under firm control, and she brought decorations to be inspired by, materials and "bonus stuff" such as glass balls, trays etc. that we could buy.


Stuff was being produced! Hands were not idle! And much cozy chatting and tasting the chocolate and sipping a glass of red wine - because that is very much a part of the traditional christmasarrangement at Bankdata.


Bodil made a calendar candle decoration with the blue candle she picked at Læsø, and a decoration with a spiders web candle, that I found hiding in the closet. I made an advendt wreath with dark red candles and ribbons - and Bodil made a wreath as well, for her own room.


That beauty is in the eye of the beholder, was also evident this evening. I have, at former arrangement, heard people sigh admiringly over the super nice velvet candles, that I find horrific to an extent that might make me buy them to give away at the fun package-games, that go around this time of year - just to laugh wickedly over the poor souls that won them... So this thursday was no exception.
I saw decorations, that I found very pretty, and other, that I thought were exquisitely ugly.

Long live diversity! It's wonderful that we are all not the same.




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