Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Showing of my youngest

... it is time to show off!

It is not too often, that Kristian appears on this blog. I've often bragged about my handsome soldier son - alså back when he was my handsome student son. You've heard me go on about my beautiful, tough, creative daughter - a number of times.

What of Kristian, then? Is he dull - stupid - nothing special??

To that I gotta say: quite the contrary, my dear!


Kristian doesn't take up a lot of room - on the trouble-side, that is. He is easy. He is well mannered. He does well in school, and has a good number of friends.

Maybe that is why I don't brag so much about him? I don't know! It is certainly not due to him being less good-looking, smart or clever than his siblings!


Actually Kristian is the kind of kid that makes you warm inside. He is incredibly loving and sweet - there is always time for a hug and a few tender words. And sometimes he displays a personal maturity, that leaves me speachless and proud. He has integrity - like his sister, he doesn't give a hoot about the brands stuck in his clothes, even if he is less flamboyant in his style.

This bragging-session comes because we went to the scheduled school/home interview with him. Even in the letter sent forward, we could tell that he was making us proud as usual.

"Kristian is a sweet and well behaved boy. He is sensible and in many situations very deliberate."

The technicalities of school were no less impressing. In all subjects he got so much praise, that we hardly knew what to do with ourselves reading it.


Yes - we are incredibly proud of him. His father and I. And if I am not very mistaken, his bonus-father doesn't much mind the kid either!


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